YouTube video of the day: A dose of Isloo

The video covers most of Islamabad and can also qualify for promoting city tourism.

Sidrah Moiz June 18, 2012

When Lahore and Karachi are busy fighting over beaches and food streets, Islamabad always takes the cake – claiming to be urban, peaceful and green – all at the same time.

So if you have been to Islamabad and think that you’ve seen it all, then think again. A time-lapse video released by Islamabad-based LolzStudios has captured the most beautiful sights of the capital.

The video has a total of 15,000 shots, showing different moods of the city - the sun rising over Faisal Mosque, people coming and going at Jinnah Super, people posing at Monal.

Many commenters on YouTube were moved by how the power outage in one of the sectors was captured and considered it quite relevant.

In one scene, a plane is seen flying above flickering lights of the cars driving on the roads stretched out across the city.

The video covers most of Islamabad and can also qualify for a promotional video for city tourism.

Video rating: Two thumbs up for bringing out the best of Islamabad.

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alicia | 9 years ago | Reply

Some parts of this video were in rawalpindi. Just not in the normal people side but on the arm side.

ohgod | 9 years ago | Reply

always, always pessimism. Islamabad has its fair share of slums, have you ever BEEN to the french colony? if you have a problem with islamabad being supposedly cleaner due to deprivation, feel free to move here. otherwise shut up and let the rest of us enjoy at least one positive thing once in a while

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