Survey findings: Action sought against schools with over 50 per cent dropout rate

Published: June 16, 2012
700 schools have been found expelling poor performers for better results.

700 schools have been found expelling poor performers for better results.


The education secretary has ordered action against high schools with more than 50 per cent drop out rate.

The directive follows a survey finding that 700 high schools have been expelling students with poor performance ahead of annual examinations to ensure ‘good performance’.

A circular issued to district education department offices mentions that the survey was carried out after a number of complaints were received from parents of children expelled ahead of the annual exams.

It said the complainants accused the schools of expelling students whose performance was relatively poor to ensure that the school’s performance at board exams. It quoted parents of these students as saying that in some cases their enrollment had been cancelled just before the examination without any prior notification.

The circular said that show-cause notices should be issued to the schools identified by the department and a probe initiated in the matter.

Of the 700 schools identified in the survey, 49 schools are in Faisalabad district.

The Faisalabad executive district officer (Education) told The Express Tribune that a request had been sent to the Education Secretary for action against these schools.

He said show cause notices would be issued in a couple of days.

School in Faisalabad

Government Boys High School 8-GB, Government High School 562-GB, MC Higher Secondary School Peoples Colony No2, Government High School 378-GB, Government Millat Islamia High School Tariqabad, MC Model School Peoples Colony, Muslim High School Tariqabad, Government District High School Narwala Bungalow, MC School Millat Colony, Government Laboratory Higher Secondary School Samanabad, Pakistan Model High School, Government High School 103-JB, MC High School Samanabad, Government High School 97-RB, Government High School 118-GB, Government Farooq High School 279-RB, MC High School Partab Nagar, Government High School 45-GB, Government High School 61-GB, Government High School 214-GB, Government AV Modern High School, Girls High School 203-RB, Government High School Tandlianwala, Government High School No.2 Sammundri, Government High School Jaranwala, Government High School 239-RB, Government Sabria Sarajia Higher Secondary School, Government Higher Secondary School 66-GB, Government Girls High School 591-GB, Government High School 447-GB, MC High School Gulistan Colony, Government Islamia High School Jinnah Colony, MC High School Factory Area, Higher Secondary School Jinnah Colony, MC High School Factory Area, Higher Secondary School Khurarianwala, Government Islamia School Jaranwala, MC High School Hajji Abad, Government Sabria Sarajia High School Sant Pura, Islami Madrasa High School Ghulam Muhammad Abad, MC Higher Secondary School Kotwali Road, Crescent Model Higher Secondary School, Higher Secondary School 39-GB, High School 41-GB, Higher Secondary School 440-GB, Higher Secondary School 49-GB, High School 198-RB and Government Higher Secondary School Dijkot.

Published In The Express Tribune, June 16th, 2012.

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  • stevenson
    Jun 17, 2012 - 6:05AM

    I am glad that the Punjab governemnt is taking a proactive approach to improve the standard of education in the province. There is a good reason why things are exposed in Punjab with the result that Punjab remains the best developed and stable province in Pakistan. Accountability and always checking things will further improve Punjab.


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