University examinations

Published: June 14, 2012

KARACHI: I would like to draw the attention of the vice chancellor of the Karachi University towards the extremely poor arrangements made for the recently-held B.Com examinations. The Karachi University is the second largest university of the country. Students from all over Pakistan study here and come here to sit for various examinations.

The university held the B.Com examinations over the last few months and the arrangements made for these left a lot to be desired. At the time the examinations were taking place, the city was experiencing a spell of inhospitable weather. No arrangements were made in the classrooms to accommodate the large number of students who had turned up for the exams. Instead, they were made to sit for the exams inside tents, which could not protect them against the vagaries of the elements. In addition, students were expected to deliver their best while stray cats and dogs roamed around along with the invigilators.

This just went to show the non-serious attitude on part of the Karachi University administration that displayed absolutely no concern for the students.

This was not all. A clash between student groups at the university premises at the time meant that those who had come to take the exams had to concentrate while trying to ignore the bullets that were being fired around them.

Now that the vice chancellor of the Karachi University has been changed, it is requested that he make amends for all that students had to go through and salvage the reputation of the university.

Hafiz Muhammad Khurram Agwan

Published In The Express Tribune, June 15th, 2012.

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