Malik Riaz a mere pawn of strategy that Zardari devised: Nisar

Nisar says Riaz cannot even breathe without Zardari’s consent; has evidence that the case was planned.

Sidrah Moiz June 14, 2012

ISLAMABAD: Leader of the Opposition Chaudhry Nisar Ali said on Thursday that Malik Riaz was “a mere pawn of a conspiracy devised by President Asif Ali Zardari.”

Riaz, the business tycoon, is responsible for initiating the financial impropriety case against chief justice’s son, Dr Arsalan Iftikhar. He had alleged that he spent about Rs349.5 million on Dr Iftikhar’s foreign tours, while gave Rs326 million in cash to him on different occasions.

Nisar said, “A person [Riaz] comes and creates a scene -- somebody who should rather be behind the bars for his contradictory statements is inside and outside the court. He is a pawn. He cannot even breathe without Zardari’s consent.”

He said that he had evidence to prove this, but had not decided if he would reveal them.

“Nobody should have doubts that Riaz was launched in this conspiracy. It has been proven now.”

The opposition leader said that “no one feared the justice but Zardari and [Prime Minister Yousaf Raza] Gilani.”

He said that if Dr Iftikhar really had taken the money, then justice should be done to him and that it should be found out that who else has been taking money from him.

Nisar said that a decision-taking moment had come because the government had become “desperate” after being “incompetent” for a long period of time.

“Their character, their performance is now touching the limits of insanity,” he said. “They want to make a mockery of every institution.”

He appealed to the media, civil society and politicians that end dirty politics and asked the people to step up in order to guard institutions.


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Ali | 9 years ago | Reply

I have one question...Malik Riaz is openly admitting he bribed CJ's son...shouldn't he be inquired about why he bribed and be punished for that.

Nasim | 9 years ago | Reply The superduper PCO CJ’s son is suddenly rich, the CJ’s wife goes shopping in London with her son and the CJ has been told at least six months earlier that his son is accepting favor by Aitzaz and no Suo Moto, but then it shows up on you tube and overnight suo moto? Why does the PCO CJ not answer the questions asked by Riaz? Why the PCO has judges given a gag order to Riaz? Infact Chief Justice was never going to give verdict against Malik Riaz because he was afraid that Malik Riaz would unveil number of secrets of Chief Justice. Apart from CJP several media anchors were also afraid of because all these are fed by Malik Riaz.
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