Dejected: Girl commits suicide after failing SSC exam

Published: June 14, 2012


A teenage girl committed suicide in Kaghan Colony on Wednesday after failing her Secondary School Certificate (SSC) examinations. Mirpur police quoted Muhammad Afzal as saying that his niece, Mehvish Bibi, had appeared in the SSC exam for the year 2012.

However, when she found out that she had failed, she became so dejected that she locked herself in her bedroom and shot herself in the head with her father’s licensed pistol. She was taken to the Ayub medical Complex, where she was pronounced dead on arrival.

Published In The Express Tribune, June 14th, 2012.

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  • =\
    Jun 14, 2012 - 8:31AM

    And so is the result of expecting too much from children. Dear girl’s father, I hope you still agree to the idea of keeping a gun near your children and that a dead child is still better than a failed one in your view.

    Pakistan…what will become of you. I’m sorry Sir Quiad-e-Azam, we have failed you we just have had a lot of incompetent people and parents after you left us.


  • Pak-Shock
    Jun 14, 2012 - 8:40AM

    Hopefully her parents didn’t have a plan of her marriage to “someone” if she fail. Sometimes it’s parents’ unrealistic hopes & ambitions that a child when unable to achieve kill him or herself.


  • Ordinary Villager
    Jun 14, 2012 - 9:28AM

    Since some of my family members belong from this region so i really know what is going on their and why we are hearing higher amount of suicides among students of Potohar and Abbotabad region and the reason is that these regions have the highest rate of literacy and the competition is intense for University admissions and as a result children are pushed to the limit in order to compete and parents force you a lot. My cousin got 4 As and he was rebuked by his parents for not getting straight As. I remembered I got more than 84 percent marks in Matriculation and my mother told me to leave the house because I was not able to get 90 percent grade. I think parents should think of their children as mere human being and numbers are not all that matter in life. Competition is good but there should be a limit.


  • Manzoor Ahmed Khan
    Jun 14, 2012 - 9:40AM

    Another precious life lost to the stupid examination system and social norms…….Parents and society should not put too much expectations on children…


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