Arsalan Iftikhar case: Malik to file for Rs3b damages against TV anchors

Malik denies making Arsalan Iftikhar's video, says will quit politics if found guilty.

Sunara Nizami June 13, 2012

ISLAMABAD: Adviser to the Prime Minister on Interior Affairs Rehman Malik said on Wednesday that he, as advised by his lawyer, will file for damages worth Rs3 billion against all TV anchors who had dragged his name into the Arsalan Iftikhar case and promised to quit politics if found guilty.

“Today, I called my lawyer and am going to file for damages worth Rs3 billion against all anchors who took my name and for this, as advised by my lawyer, if any other action is required, I will take it,” said the adviser to the PM.

Rehman Malik also claimed that he had nothing to do with the Arsalan Iftikhar case and denied making any video, let alone giving it to Riaz.

Malik also added that if he or any agency working under him was found involved in the matter, “he would quit politics forever”.

Referring to the allegations that he made a video of Arsalan Iftikhar, Rehman Malik said that yesterday he swore upon his children denying having any knowledge or involvement.

“Today too I say, neither my government, nor I, did any such thing,” he said.

Malik said that he would appeal to the Supreme Court to summon him if anyone was doubtful about his involvement in the case, adding that he was “willing to give a statement under oath”.

He mentioned that Riaz, while holding a copy of the Quran had said that neither the government nor any government employee was involved.

“Holding God as my witness, I too, say that neither I, nor the government have anything to do with this incident.”

Malik appealed to the media to stop dragging his name into issues just because it “increases ratings, viewership or readership”.

“I feel that there should always be an element of responsibility and that which lacks truth, which cannot be coloured, don’t try to colour it,” said the PM’s adviser.

He asked the media to stop indulging in such acts for the sole purpose of adding weight to their points of view.

“My humble appeal to the media is that don’t try to involve me in everything,” he said.

“Even if someone’s buffalo gets stolen, they’ll say ‘Rehman Malik did it’.”


Sheeraz Khan | 9 years ago | Reply

The electronic media must know its bounds like all other influential segments of the state are being realized their bounds now.

mikek | 9 years ago | Reply

@Acorn Guts:

Malik Rehman also swear that if any blackwater is found in the country he will leave the office. Then what happened as you all see we found blackwater agents in the country in the shape of Raymond Davis etc. but Rehman Malik is still here. So Mr. Malik you have lost your credibility and nobody believe in you now.

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