Pakistan should ‘bite the bullet’ in Nato routes row: US official

It wouldn't automatically turn things around but would be an important step, says senior US official.

Reuters June 12, 2012

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s civilian government should “bite the bullet” and re-open supply routes to Nato forces in Afghanistan in order to ease tensions with the United States, a senior US government official said on Tuesday.

The United States said on Monday it was withdrawing its team of negotiators from Pakistan without securing a long-sought deal on supply routes for the war in neighbouring Afghanistan, publicly exposing a diplomatic stalemate and deeply strained relations that appear at risk of deteriorating further.

"If the civilian government in Islamabad would bite the bullet and make the political decision to open the ground lines of communication, that would deflect some of the negativity right now," the official told Reuters.

"It wouldn't automatically turn things around but that would be an important step."

Pakistan banned trucks from carrying supplies to the war effort in Afghanistan last year in protest against a cross-border Nato air attack that killed 24 Pakistani soldiers, a measure US officials initially hoped would be short term.

Although the US official suggested Pakistan would have to take several steps to repair heavily damaged ties, he said the strategic allies could not afford a rupture.

"We have longer-term interests that we must keep in mind. The interests are nuclear, it is counterterrorism and it is also reconciliation in Afghanistan for a relatively peaceful and stable region," said the US official, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

"So you know, the heightened sentiments in Washington will eventually have to come to a point where people say hold on, we have bigger interests here."


Hunter Punter | 10 years ago | Reply

Pakistan has always bitten more than it could chew. Now the world superpower has awakened to pak duplicity and is asking pak to bite the "bullet". that is a sensible thing to restart relations. Otherwise pak will resemble Afganistan in the next few months. Army chief is quiet. Chief Justice is in corruption trouble, Zardari is having the last laugh, and America is getting more angry. Best not to test US patience. Pak is a small fry and USA the worlds only superpower. Bravado and delusion are self destructing. Pak seems to holding a trigger to its own head!

Nawab | 10 years ago | Reply

We bit the bullet hard with Raymond Davis Case, its your turn USA.

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