Qaeda's Zawahri calls on Tunisians to defend sharia

In an audio recording, Zawahri says Tunisia's Ennahda party had betrayed itself and the religion.

Reuters June 11, 2012

DUBAI: Al Qaeda's leader called on Tunisians on Sunday to defend Islamic law from a party that won elections in the North African country and promised not to impose sharia.

In an audio recording attributed to Ayman al Zawahri and released on few websites, the Qaeda leader said Tunisia's Ennahda party, which rules with secular parties, had betrayed itself and the religion.

"Have you ever seen a hospital that says it's not in the business of treating the sick, or a pharmacy that says it's got nothing to do with selling medicine, or an army that says it's got no business fighting?" he asked.

"They are inventing an Islam acceptable to the US State Department, the European Union and the Gulf," he said. "An Islam that permits gambling parlours, nude beaches and usurious banks, secular laws and submission to international law."

"Come to the aid of your prophet's (PBUH) customs, and accept no substitute for sharia."

While conservatists did not play a major role in the revolution that brought down Zine al Abidine Ben Ali, the struggle over the role of religion in government and society has since emerged as the most divisive issue in Tunisian politics.

Salafis want a broader role for sharia in the new Tunisia, alarming secular elites who fear they will seek to impose their views and ultimately undermine Tunisia's nascent democracy.


Ahmed | 9 years ago | Reply

@Adeel Malik: Agreed. There is little doubt AQ in Arabian Peninsula is gaining foothold with U.S. campaign of drones in Yemen. Al-Jazeera did an editorial advising against drones attacks in Yemen. Rest assured, dictator Obama has continued the march of death.

Adeel Malik | 9 years ago | Reply

No matter what US says or does... apart from Pakistan Al Qaeda is gaining ground in Arab world... In libya the most senior military commander is a Qaeda member.. After so called "Arab spring" many terrorists linked to Al Qaeda have left Pak Afghan region and gone to Arab world...

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