PTI jumps to higher judiciary’s defence on Arsalan Iftikhar case

Shafqat Mahmood further explained his party’s stance on the Arsalan Iftikhar bribery case at the Insaf House.

Our Correspondent June 09, 2012


The Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf stands with the independent judiciary and would thwart any attempt to malign Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry and the Supreme Court, announced PTI chairman Imran Khan in a statement issued on Saturday. 

PTI’s central secretary of information Shafqat Mahmood further explained his party’s stance on the Arsalan Iftikhar bribery case during a press conference at the Insaf House on Saturday.  He said that the government was trying to malign the superior judiciary of the country.

Mahmood claimed that the ruling government hatched felt threatened by the “independent and courageous” decisions of the Supreme Court, including those in the prime minister’s contempt of court case and the National Reconciliation Ordinance case. “President Asif Ali Zardari, Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani and Riaz Malik are the principal characters of the conspiracy.” While not offering any proofs, Mahmood said that business relations between Riaz Malik and the president were well known. Imran Khan also pointed out in his statement that Malik had acknowledged that he paid for vacations and shopping sprees for Arsalan Iftikhar.

This was done to entrap and blackmail the chief justice’s son and, therefore, to undermine the chief justice’s integrity.

The PTI, however, maintained that the Arsalan Iftikhar case should be thoroughly investigated and Arsalan should be punished if proven guilty. However, the charges against Arsalan should not reflect upon the chief justice.

Published in The Express Tribune, June 10th, 2012.


dr. arif | 10 years ago | Reply

It is an eager rather sentimental move on behalf of Imran. He has still not learned to control his impulsiveness. Alas!

Ilyad | 10 years ago | Reply

It is good to stand for the truth, and by the truth, but in this country every thing is far from the truth. I would advise, in my two cents, for PTI to becareful in their stance lest they have to stand against this judiciary again for truth. It is the same CJ who sat in the front seat of Mr. Aitizaz Ahsan's car during the campaign for his restoration. Now he cannot stand the PPP? if all this is not poilitical then what is it? There were times when the judges were never seen mingling with everyone, everywhere to maintain their objectivity and independence. Now public appearences is the highlight of their lives.

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