Protest: CNG association warns of station closure from June 6

APCNG wants government to take back the hike in CNG price and new tax imposed in the budget.

Web Desk June 02, 2012

KARACHI: All Pakistan CNG Association (APCNG) announced shutting down all CNG stations across the country from June 6 in protest against the rise in tax in the new budget, reported Express News on Saturday.

APCNG chairman Ghayas Paracha has claimed that the LPG “mafia” is trying to bring down the CNG business by initiating false allegations. He said that they are claiming that the CNG stations are using up most of the gas of the country which is not true.

The members of APCNG held protests in Karachi and warned that the protests will continue till the CNG price hike and the new tax imposed in the budget are taken back.

They also warned of blocking the Karachi-Hyderabad highway in protest.


Haris | 9 years ago | Reply

I personally believe that Transportation is more important then a few industries.

example Industries require Transportation like for workers and their products, Transportation is also required by other sectors.

Load-shading of CNG Stations will not have a beneficial for anything, In fact it will boost up the increase in the value of the CNG.

As the value of the CNG increases so will the expenses on every sector. workers will have to pay more for their transportation etc..

well they were all my views on the topic...

DavidL | 9 years ago | Reply


For those of you bleating in shrill voices to "give" the cng portion of gas to industries, consider this: cng has an 8% share of our national consumption. so, apparently aptma, ipp's and fertilizer are mentally constipated enough to believe that taking that 8% from cng and distributing it among themselves will make a significant and material difference in the current shortage.

oh, and before the bleating about industry being the silver bullet that will save this country's economy begins again, cng contributes 20% of the total amount of taxes collected from commercial consumers. consider that before you cast aspersions and half-baked accusations at the cng business.

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