Crackdown launched against illegal immigrants in Peshawar

PRO to the DCO says most of those arrested so far are Afghan refugees.

Umer Farooq May 25, 2012

PESHAWAR: The Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa government has ordered the provincial police to nab all foreigners who fail to produce valid documents permitting them to stay in Pakistan.

District Coordination Officer (DCO) Siraj Ahmad Khan had earlier, on April 25, given a one month deadline to all foreigners who lacked valid visas and were staying in Pakistan. He had issued a warning, stating that all those who failed to produce valid documentation or refugee cards would be arrested.

When the deadline expired on May 25, the police started hunting down all those people who were living in and outside the provincial capital without proper approval.

Feroz Shah, Public Relations Officer to the DCO, told The Express Tribune that the deadline had expired and a number of foreigners who lacked proper documents to stay in Pakistan had been arrested, adding that the crackdown was still underway and the police had been ordered not to favour anyone.

He said that the arrests were being made under the Foreingers Act, and that most of the arrested were Afghan refugees.


Nadeem S | 10 years ago | Reply

Get these Afghans out of Pakistan, enough is enough, why is the GOP allowing Afghans extensions on deadlines? No one respects our laws any more because we ourselves dont respect them, please gather all Afghans, they are not welcome in Pakistan as they are enemies of our nation, please send them back across the border and seal the border, with fences and mines no matter the cost.

Pakighan (Afghan Karachiite) | 10 years ago | Reply


I bet you are bit paranoid. Nobody butchers Pakistanis in Afghanistan. Go check the statistics; there are almost one hundred thousand Pakistanis working in Afghanistan - some of them not having the proper travel documents.

@Swati: Sports enthusiasm shouldn't be based on political sensations. Afghans supporting Indian cricket team doesn't make them your enemies - just like they are not anti-Indians when backing Pakistani team.

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