Dolly Bindra’s accusations: Veena Malik fires back

Malik's PR manager says Indians certainly don't know how to show hospitality to their guests.

Saadia Qamar May 21, 2012

KARACHI: “I think the Indian government should ban [Indian actor] Dolly Bindra,” said Sohail Rashid, the Public Relations manager of Pakistani actor-model Veena Malik, as he came to the actor’s rescue after Bindra unleashed a set of allegations against Malik on Saturday.

Bindra, during her press conference in Lahore, had not only accused Malik of being involved in “immoral activities” in India but had also alleged that she was a part of an agenda by either India or Pakistan, without naming the country.

“I have a question for Dolly Bindra: Is this the Indian culture and is she trying to show that all Indian women are like Dolly Bindra? What kind of cheap and vulgar language is she using against Veena Malik?” questioned Rashid, in a telephonic conversation. “I think the Indian government should ban Dolly Bindra for using such cheap and vulgar language. She is only giving a bad name to her country.”

Rashid further said that if Bindra doesn’t stop handing out such public statements, the Pakistani actor would be forced to file a case against her. “We have other means through which we can handle this case.”

The PR manager also blamed the entire Indian community over Bindra’s statements saying that India has always been hostile to its guests. “What kind of people are they? The Indians certainly don’t know how to show hospitality to their guests. Whereas, we in Pakistan, have always been respectful of our guests who have come from abroad.”

Citing examples, he said, “When Veena Malik went to India, Bal Thackeray [head of the Hindu extremist party, Shiv Sena] stood up against her and there were riots in Mumbai against her. Now Dolly Bindra comes to Pakistan and accuses Veena Malik of ‘immoral activities’ which is what I believe character assassination of Malik.

“These are the mad people of India, who are giving India – considered to be a modern state – a bad name at an international level. They are making a laughing stock of their own country, here at home and abroad.”

On the claim that Malik is being supported by the government of either India or Pakistan, Rashid said, “If she [Bindra] can make tall claims, she should even cite the name of the respective government. She should name the country openly.”

Rashid finally said that it looks as if comedy-in-action is taking place that has perplexed the entire nation for now.


Awaneesh | 9 years ago | Reply

Does this 2 have any value ??? Just came to know from my paki friend that Dolly Bindra is all over in news here .. i was just wonder .... why ?? :P Nobody here gives value to this people either veena or Dolly . Cheap Publicity and Pak media is doing it free for them :p

Shue | 9 years ago | Reply

There is nothing to the whole thing except for a media hype created by tv shows. I do not understand why Dolly was even contacted to comment on Veena in the first place...we all know her personality...she doesn't represent India or any one but her own self...As far as i see, she was invited on Tv to incite an onslaught from Veena's end. yawn

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