Memogate commission completes proceedings

Detailed report to be sent to SC after compilation, says commission.

Web Desk May 18, 2012

ISLAMABAD: Memo Commission proceedings came to an end on Friday, with forensic reports of Mansoor Ijaz’s Blackberry being made a part of documents to be sent to the Supreme Court after compilation, Express News reported on Friday.

Commission proceedings taking place at the Islamabad High Court were presided over by Justice Qazi Faiz Isa.

During the proceedings, Memo Commission Secretary Raja Jawad Hasan Abbas confirmed that he was present for the eight-hour long forensic test, adding that no one had interfered during that time.

After completing the proceedings, the commission said that a briefing will be taken in camera by the foreign ministry regarding the “secret funds”.

Boycotting the meeting, former ambassador to the United States Hussain Haqqani’s lawyer Zahid Bukhari said that he would present his objections on the proceedings and the detailed report in the Supreme Court.

Earlier, lawyers for Husain Haqqani stated that they would not appear before the Memo Commission when it met on Friday.

Instead, they said Haqqani would wait for the commission’s report before raising objections over the commissions’ proceedings before the Supreme Court.


Hameed | 9 years ago | Reply

After four long months, the memo commission tasked with investigating Mansoor Ijaz’s claim against Husain Haqqani and his political bosses has brought to an end its formal hearings. What’s left now is for the commission to compile its report and recommendations and submit them to the Supreme Court, a process that may be completed by early June. At that point, it can only be hoped that the Mansoor Ijaz memo will once and for all be confined to the dustbin of history. For in all the months of hearings held by the memo commission, nothing that can be considered serious grounds for further legal proceedings has been presented before the commission. That three high court chief justices have spent months sifting through the allegations and counter-allegations over memogate is bad enough; to waste more time of the superior judiciary on the matter would compound the original error.

s shah | 9 years ago | Reply

@ Mirza: Well said! totally agree with you!

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