Faisalabad student commits self-immolation after being expelled

Student was expelled after his father had refused to visit school to discuss holidays his son had been taking.

Web Desk May 18, 2012

FAISALABAD: Muhammad Omer, a sixth grade student in the Yasinabad district of Faisalabad, set himself on fire after being expelled from school, Express News reported on Friday. 

According to the head of the burns ward Dr Nagrah, the child suffered severe burns on 90% of his body.

Muhammad Omar's teacher, Masood Siddiqui, at MC High school, had called his father to meet him and discuss holidays the student had been taking. Omar's father declined and did not go, subsequent to which the child was expelled.

On hearing this news, Muhammad Omar doused himself in oil in front of the school, and set himself on fire. He was taken to Allied Hospital in highly critical condition.

Education Executive District Officer (EDO) Sohaib Imran, immediately suspended the teacher, Masood Siddiqui and the Head Master, Ghulam Fareed.

Taking notice of the incident, Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif has demanded that a report be presented within two hours.


Ravia | 9 years ago | Reply

I don't think it's all that simple.

In a country like Pakistan where the literacy rate refuses to climb, most public schools often have to resort to counselling the parents into allowing their children to continue studying, and not signing themselves up for menial jobs for money to pitch into the family's income.

I've worked with quite a few public and private schools, and if the child is coming up short in the attendance department, it becomes imperative to not only talk to the parents, but to the teachers too to tell them not to make any hasty decisions that could harm the student's future, taking into account that the parents ARE stubborn and more or less illiterate and desperate. The child, in this case, was greatly disturbed, and had gone to the Headmaster quite a few times. Instead of encouraging him, he was shunned by both parties.

I refuse to accept that the parents should be blamed, when our educators fail to shoulder the responsibility that they undertake when they decide to become educators/teachers, that their actions too WILL have repercussions.

Noise | 9 years ago | Reply

It sounds like the the father's fault. I dont see how the teacher is to blame or the headmaster, they were following the rules

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