Use NATO supply revenues to develop Balochistan: Shahzain Bugti

Currently, NATO supplies not beneficial for people of Balochistan, says Bugti.

Web Desk May 18, 2012

QUETTA: President of the Balochistan chapter of Jamhoori Watan Party (JWP), Shahzain Bugti has demanded that the revenues generated from using Balochistan for Nato supplies be spent for the development of the province, Express News reported Friday.

Speaking to the media after appearing before a Sessions Court in Quetta, Bugti said that currently, Nato supplies were not beneficial for the people of Balochistan and that the government blocks and resumes the supply for their own good.

Bugti, along with his accomplices, had appeared before the court of Additional Sessions Judge Zulfiqar Naqvi for an illegal arms recovery case.

He and 26 of his security guards were arrested at the Buleli check post in Quetta for allegedly smuggling weapons. The hearing was adjourned till May 21, 2012.

Earlier, a high level meeting was held in the provincial capital to discuss the Gwadar Port, where it was agreed that if the government decides to restore the Nato supply route to Afghanistan, the supplies should be directed from Gwadar Port.

A formal demand will be made to the federal government regarding this. It was also suggested that the port be used for Afghan transit trade.


Qaiserani | 9 years ago | Reply

@Irfan: What you are saying is right. BUT Sardars do actually pose a problem. Pakistan government should come up with a solution that appeals the common Baloch people. When Pakistan government is giving something it should bypass the Sardars and provide relief to the Baloch people directly. The common man has to be empowered. In Pakistan, the Baloch people are neglected and deprived of their rights and instead funds and perks are given to the Sardars who are more than happy to take it in the name of the Baloch people. This should stop. No where in the world is such a stark contrast present. The Sardars maintain militias, carry weapons of the latest kinds, live in huge mansions and own fleets of car while the poor Baloch hardly has enough to eat. ENOUGH to FEUDALISM! Empower the common folk and give whatever you want to give to them directly. And yes by saying this I do not mean that Pakistan government is very innocent. It has CRIMINALLY neglected the Baloch people.

Irfan | 9 years ago | Reply

My request to all the publications is to establish an IQ test with a minimum score to post a comment. So people with an embryonic intellect are denied the opportunity. Their lack of depth and understanding of a situation or a region does nothing but spread more hate among the masses. You do not have to be a sociologist to understand the issues of Balochistan. All one needs is the least amount of common sense distributed free in God's bazaar. But every time they come around with the same old pathetic argument that Sardars are responsible for all the ills of Balochistan. The only activity they seem to be involved in is a cup of tea and a Coup in a toilet. Open your eyes and ears, look and listen to what the people of Balochistan are saying.

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