‘Ghost busters’ arrested for drug use during ritual

Published: May 16, 2012

MULTAN: Tasked with removing ‘evil spirits’ from a house where fire kept erupting without explanation, a gang of malangs were arrested by the police after neighbours said they were using drugs during the ‘ritual’.

The gang, which consisted of one woman and six men, had been called to a home in Multan where fire had broken out several times in the last five days, destroying numerous items.

The gang had claimed that spirits residing in the house were causing the fires.

Neighbours, suspecting that the malangs were using drugs, called the police. The gang tried to escape in a car, but the police succeeded in apprehending them.

The men and woman had arrived at the house on Tuesday night, and the ritual had mostly consisted of the group walking around the house, using percussions, blowing horns and flutes in all the rooms.

The process continued on Wednesday as well.

Express News correspondent Fazeel Saho said that the ritual had not helped and the fires had not stopped.

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