PML-N, lawyers in favour of early elections

Asma Jahangir advises Nawaz Sharif to end deadlock with government to ensure free, early elections.

Web Desk May 14, 2012

Former Supreme Court Bar Association president Asma Jahangir, addressing a lawyers’ delegation on Monday, assured Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N) chief Nawaz Sharif that lawyers are in favour of early elections, Express News reported.

Jahangir advised Nawaz that the PML-N should end its deadlock with the government to ensure free elections, and added that the democratic powers in the country should play their role to keep democracy from derailing.

During the gathering, Nawaz said that he supports early elections in the country under a free and independent election commission.

Nawaz added that his party supported the government in the 20th Amendment of the Constitution to ensure free and fair elections, and the party will further play its role in the appointment of an independent election commissioner.

The lawyers’ delegation also invited Nawaz to the national conference being organised by the Supreme Court.


Muhammad Ahsan Khan | 9 years ago | Reply

Islamic Democracy

Frrom Asma to Mirza, every Pakistani Intellectual is trying to save the “Democracy” in Pakistan. They forget that, officially, since 1949. Pakistan has chosen to establish Islamic Democracy and never the democracy as it was proposed by Greek philosophers about five hundred years before Islam and defined by Abraham Lincoln (1863) « democracy « government of the people, by the people, for people« .

If in Islamic Republic of Pakistan, people are Muslim, then the only way for them is to live according to the teaching of the Holy Quran and the Sunnah. There is no other alternative. No matter what Islamic path is chosen, one will always arrive to Islamic Democracy and not to Democracy. Once it is accepted that a State is Islamic, the State as an independent and sovereign entity ceases to exist. It is Islam which governs the State as a sovereign power in the name of Allah. The people of an Islamic State belong to Ummah (the nation of Islam) and after they may belong to a geographical country, to a province, to a tribe or to a clan. Any Thing, the moment IT enters Islam, it loses its liberal and independent status. Any Islamic Thing will be only Islamic and Nothing else. Thus, to talk of Equality, Republic and Democracy in terms of Islamic Equality, Republic and Democracy has no sense. The only way for the people of Pakistan, to establish a normal Republic and Democracy , is to separate the religion from the state and give themselves a secular constitution. In this struggle they can not count on the governing collusion of the Mullas, the Military, the Feudals and the Politicians.

Amjad | 9 years ago | Reply well this news is shocking for me to be honest !! What on earth is bar associations doing ? why are they involving themselves in politics? yes that would have been super awesome had it been in a dicatorship but this is NOT dictatorship but a political setup albeit worst than dictatorship but still its officially a democratic setup..
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