PML-N has never indulged in corruption: Nawaz Sharif

PML-N addres­ses rally in Khusha­b as part of protes­t moveme­nt launch­ed agains­t govern­ment.

Ema Anis May 12, 2012

Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz (PML-N) cannot be termed a ‘corrupt’ party as it has never done corruption even worth Re1, claimed party chief Nawaz Sharif on Saturday.

Addressing a rally in Khushab as part of the protest movement launched against the ruling government, Nawaz said that the PML-N has always run the country with honesty. “Tell me, when Nawaz Sharif was the prime minister, was there any loadshedding for even an hour? This is the difference.”

“Right now, India’s progress rate stands at 8%, while Pakistan’s is at 2.5%. During my tenure, even the Pakistani rupee was stronger than the Indian rupee, and today the Indian rupee is stronger,” he lamented, adding that he has vowed to change the destiny of the people of Pakistan. “Nawaz Sharif has been working day and night for the sake of Pakistan.”

“I know you all have come here with some hope, to hear what programs we have for Pakistan to take it out of distress. We want to end loadshedding, inflation and every ill from the country,” the party leader added.

Special package

Nawaz Sharif told participants of the rally that Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif was due to come to the rally to announce a “special package worth Rs500 million” for Khushab.

“After looking at your spirit, I would now suggest Shahbaz to bring a package worth Rs1 billion,” Nawaz announced while stressing that it was a ‘special package’ for Khushab.

“We want to show that if Khushab loves us, we love it too.”

Nuclear tests

The party chief claimed that in his tenure, Pakistan did six nuclear tests in response to five nuclear tests by India. “When there were still a few tests remaining, US offered us Rs5 billion dollars to stop the tests… But I am not a person who would sell off Pakistan’s conscience.”

He added that had Pakistan not done the nuclear tests then it would be having no status in the world.


BLing BLing | 9 years ago | Reply

What is he smoking? I want it too.

intizar ali | 9 years ago | Reply

Yes because courts r urs and u hv CHAMAK.

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