Remaining 'to-be-Mumbai-terrorists' also emerge from Lahore's Hafeez Centre

Pictures of remaining 2 terrorists released by Indian media also turn out to be businessman, salesman of cell phones.

Asad Kharal May 11, 2012

LAHORE: Indian media released pictures of two of the five suspected terrorists on Thursday believed to have sneaked in to Mumbai to stage a repeat of November 26, 2008 attacks. However, like the pictures of the three men released on Wednesday, they too turned up at the Gulberg police station in Lahore to report that they were businessmen, and not terrorists.

On Wednesday, Indian law enforcement agencies had released pictures to the media for three out of five suspected terrorists, believed to have snuck into Mumbai via the sea last week. Indian intelligence agencies had issued a warning, after which a high level meeting was called by the Police commissioner and the city had been put on high alert on Sunday.

However, once the colour pictures of the suspects made it to the media on Wednesday, the alleged terrorists, watched their faces splash across television and the internet while they tended to their mobile retail business at Lahore’s popular Hafeez Centre. Perturbed at being labeled ‘terrorist’, they approached the Gulberg police station to claim their innocence. Of the three, two said they had never had a passport issued to them, let alone travel internationally.

When pictures of their remaining two “accomplices” were released late on Friday, two more perturbed individuals, Amjad Ali Khan and Nadeem Malik emerged from Hafeez Centre.

Khan resident of Dharampura, Lahore is an employee at a mobile store. Malik is a resident of Gwalmandi and operates a business of used cell phones. Both have been working in Hafeez Centre for more than four years.

The President of traders of Hafeez Centre, Fayyaz Butt while talking to The Express Tribune said that the Indian intelligence agencies and media, due to unknown reasons, has tried to prove that these five men, belonging to Lahore, were terrorists.

He added that both Khan and Malik were receiving repeated calls from Indian numbers, enquiring about their links with terrorist organisations.

Malik said that he had been working in Hafeez Centre for the past eight years. While he owned a passport, he never had a desire to visit India, or to apply for a visa to the neighbouring country.


Ian Smith | 9 years ago | Reply

I bet the Indian media will find a way to twist this into something more stupid without even realizing that their 'intelligence' proved to be a complete failure once again. The original story was a good read though, so thumbs up for entertainment value, and thumbs out for credibility.

Anwar Hyatt | 9 years ago | Reply

@ayesha_khan: Keeping thinking that "Ayesha Khan" sad thing about you Indians is how obsessed you are with Pakistan, it's literally getting from being a laugh to being seriously disturbing. The fact your use fake names only makes the matter even more sad...


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