Decades old trees chopped down

Published: May 9, 2012


A private builder, constructing a high-rise tower in F-7 Markaz has chopped down seven 40-year old trees, prompting the civic authority to impose heavy fine on them.

Moreover, the Capital Development Authority on Tuesday also suspended its forest officials responsible for the area.

The team behind the under-construction Saffa Gold Mall ruthlessly chopped down a complete row of towering trees, in front of the plaza in Jinnah Super.

The civic agency has immediately imposed fine worth Rs50,000 per tree on the private company and suspended the Area Forester Nafees and Forest Guard Yasir.

The tall trees had been planted on the roadside some four decades ago, as was earlier planned by the city managers. The reason for act is that the vegetation was blocking the plaza’s view, said an official.

Published in The Express Tribune, May 9th, 2012.

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  • m.b.f.h.
    May 9, 2012 - 8:15AM

    Yes! First you make plazas that ruin the landscape and the greenery needed for city and land then you see that same greenery as obstacle to the ugly scenery your plaza is providing. 50,000 per tree is pathetic. The developer can provide that from only one-day's interest on his funds in the bank. He should be behind bars first. Why there is no law of asking permission from the city authority before cutting any tree, it's the law in other countries. Maybe his plaza should be removed to make him fell the pinch.

    This is outright disgusting. People just pick the axe and chop down trees like they are trash and wood for burning. No penalty can reverse the 40 years of grown trees. After the floods and the Ozone and The dry spell and heat waves in Pakistan tree cutting should be illegal all over the land.


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