Last Attempt: Russia warns against Iran oil embargo

Russia has been calling for a step by step resolution.

Reuters April 29, 2012

MOSCOW: Russia warns that Iran oil embargo would only end up hurting the European Union (EU) member as many EU countries are dependent on this fuel source. He also claimed that the post-ban deficit can be recovered however, some major refineries are geared specifically to Iranian oil and the transition will demand substantial investments that EU cannot afford amidst these crises. Unilateral sanctions which the West resorts will only strengthen the anti-west sentiments that west don’t want to resolve non-proliferation of nuclear technologies issue, but is interested in regime change. Russia has been calling for a step by step resolution, based on principles of an action on an action, to the dispute. Firstly, Iran could promise to limit the number of uranium centrifuges and west will stop imposing more sanctions and ultimately removing, once enrichment is frozen to dispel all doubts about the peaceful nature of the programme. Finally, Iran could produce nuclear under IAEA supervision.

Published in The Express Tribune, April 29th, 2012.


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