Muskan Khan’s plan B(ollywood)

Published: April 26, 2012
Muskan Khan’s upcoming projects include Bollywood films Dunya Fashion Ki and Twins. PHOTO: PUBLICITY

Muskan Khan’s upcoming projects include Bollywood films Dunya Fashion Ki and Twins. PHOTO: PUBLICITY


If you thought it was only Pakistan’s notorious actors Meera, Veena Malik and of late Sara Loren (formerly known as Mona Lizza) who could make headlines by working in India, then think again. Following in their footsteps, model singer and actor Muskan Khan has taken the same path as she believes there are more opportunities for rising stars on the other side of the border.

During a press conference at Karachi Press Club on Monday evening, Khan said, “I recently went to India to do a music video of the song ‘Zara Thumka Laga’. I worked with Sarfaraz Khan, who is the music producer for this song.” Sarfaraz is the son of the famous Bollywood actor, comedian and director Kader Khan.

When asked why the singer-cum-actor doesn’t prefer working in Pakistan, she replied matter-of-factly, “Initially I wanted to work and make a name for myself in my own country but unfortunately, despite my hard work, I wasn’t appreciated. That’s when I decided to go to India.” Having made two trips across the border — one in December 2011 to compose the song “Zara Thumka Laga” and the other one in February 2012 to make a video of the same song — Khan is of the opinion that people receive overnight appreciation in Pakistan “once they step into the limelight in India”. Meanwhile, in India, she states that labels don’t matter as everything is merit-based.

Short stints in Lollywood

While talking about her short stint in the local film industry, the former model told The Express Tribune that she had minor roles in films like Sangeeta’s Qayamat and Sajjad Gul’s Teray Pyar Mein. However, when asked why she wasn’t seen in the aforementioned films, the actor says that the roles later were edited, making her stint in Lollywood rather mysterious.

Apart from that, Khan claims she has been on the covers of various local magazines and has done numerous fashion shoots across the country and has even worked with Frieha Altaf.

Traversing borders

Hence, after failing to impress local film-makers, Khan has now decided to work on Bollywood films Dunya Fashion Ki and Twins, due to release in 2012 and 2013 respectively. While Dunya Fashion Ki will see Khan sing the title track “Ashiqi”, Twins, which has been produced by Vishnu Dewa with the music directed by Zahid Khan, will see her playing a leading character.

Going the Veena way?

When we talk about Pakistan’s exports to India — Veena Malik is one of the first few names that come to mind. From bold scenes (and alleged photo shoots) to raunchy item numbers in India, this queen of controversy has been keeping the rumour mills busy for a long time now. However, when Khan was asked if she would follow the same path to fame, she replies, “I know my limits; however, if a shoot requires me to do a bold scene, I might do it, but won’t publicise it as much as Veena did. I personally think Veena should be respected as an actor and must not be ridiculed.”

Published in The Express Tribune, April 27th, 2012.

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Reader Comments (4)

  • Apr 26, 2012 - 11:40PM

    first face of pakistan was adnan sami ( in recent history), then it became meera, and then veena ( though in a bit negative way).
    may be muskan can change it from veena to talented-pakistan-representing muskan. reputation is just one person away. the more the merrier.


  • Aitzazijazsarfaraz
    Apr 26, 2012 - 11:52PM

    Pakistani rejects trying to make it in Bollywood. It must be frustrating for all these so called actors from Pakistan especially members of the fairer sex to not be able to express themselves as actors or be taken seriously in their own country. It must suck to look up to the much hated Hindu India as a place where millions of dollars are being spent and made on films and to accept that Lollywood pales in comparison.


  • Knotty
    Apr 27, 2012 - 1:43AM

    I am sorry but she seems far less talented than even Pakistani B class artists. I searched on the youtube and it appears that she is probably in the wrong field!


  • Notorius
    Apr 27, 2012 - 5:17PM

    Who is she? And who is Sara Loren?


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