False indication: PIA plane makes emergency landing in Multan

Cockpit fails to indicate opening of left rear wheels, plane makes emergency landing at Multan airport.

Owais Jafri April 25, 2012

MULTAN: A Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight, PK-387, made an emergency landing at Multan airport on Wednesday after the cockpit failed to show the opening of rear left wheels.

The rear wheels, called the undercarriages, opened before the landing but the opening of the left undercarriage was not indicated in the cockpit.

The pilots of the plane informed the air control tower, prompting an emergency at the airport. The fire department was also alerted and the plane was landed in the emergency field. All the passengers remained safe.

The aircraft, Boeing 737, was carrying around 45 passengers from Islamabad to Multan. The plane was further Karachi-bound with 118 passengers.

Before the emergency landing, the plane flew for around an hour to consume fuel in order to prevent fire. It was scheduled at land at 3:10pm but landed at 4:20pm.

The plane received a manual indication by the air control tower that the wheels have opened, but the pilot, Captain Shahid, refrained from taking any risk and landed safely in the emergency field.

The passengers of the plane appreciated the cabin crew for their professional handling and dealing with the passengers.

On landing, the plane was refuelled and serviced to fix the problem before taking off for Karachi.

Earlier on Sunday, the fuel tank of one of Shaheen Air planes leaked minutes before take-off from Lahore airport, while two tyres of another aircraft from the same airlines burst during landing in Karachi.


Faruqi | 9 years ago | Reply

@Jal: before providing a landing clearance, the ATC asks 'check gears down and locked', in this case the crew did not get an indication of 3 green lights - gears can be down but not locked and can collapse on landing..so a pilot cannot rely on the visual check performed by ATC - no way an ATC can confirm if its locked.

If i remember correctly, this practice of inquiring if the gears are down and locked was introduced after the PIA 747 belly landed at Islamabad airport - landing gears were deployed when the crew realized that gears aren't down, but they collapsed before they were fully extended and locked..

S J Yunus | 9 years ago | Reply

What a third class piece of journalism. There is no such thing as an emergency field. Anywhere ! You have runways where aircraft land. Btw how is the landing an emergency landing ?!? The aircraft circled to get within the landing weight and after confirming that the gears were down landed. This is ridiculous !

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