'Gory, indecent, vulgar': PEMRA issues notices to 41 channels

Notices issued to channels for airing 'unedited live gory images' of a private plane crash.

April 25, 2012

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (Pemra) on Wednesday served show cause notices to 17 TV channels for airing 'unedited live gory images' of the Bhoja Air plane crash.    

The authority has also issued notices to 24 other entertainment TV  channels on account of airing indecent, vulgar and unethical programs, advertisements, shows, excessive foreign content and intruding into 'personal and family' life of people.

In a warning issued to TV channels, the coverage was termed 'extremely unethical and irresponsible'.

The authority says that there is no harm in channels trying to take the edge in broadcasting timely and accurate news, but they should not 'take the lead in indecency or irregularity.'

It says that all channels must realise their responsibilities and define the 'Dos and Don'ts'.

The channels have also been summoned to show cause and personal hearing under section 20 (c) & (f) of Pemra Ordinance and Rule 15 (1) of Pemra Rules.

Pemra has said that the "coverage of dead, mutilated bodies of victims was horrific and insane."

The authority has resolved to take punitive action under the laws if such violations are not stopped.


rafalizban | 8 years ago | Reply

@Umer what is all this mullah rubbish. Please Mr.Umer if u r so enraged by Maulvi sahabs, go talk to them. I guarantee you dont even go for Friday prayers because I suppose u hate the Imams too. Go face them and talk to them and dont be a coward to write bad about Islamic scholars by hiding behind your computer screen. Go confront them if u have the guts or r u too scared that everything will say from their mouths will hurt you and make you realize what a guilty life you are living.

Enough is enough!

PREMA has taken the initiative to do something good and to bring a change and lets all be happy and appreciate this move and hope for better national broadcasts.

Everything has been made into a joke in this country.

ayesha_khan | 8 years ago | Reply

@Uzair Javaid: "Its People like Umer, who have become the “yo boys” and “dudes” around town. Liberal elite in themselves. Either its an Islamic country or just merge back with india which got segmented as Muslims wanted an ISLAMIC state. If you are that embarrassed of being Muslims, or your version of Islam says, “dude just do whatever you feel like”, than i am sorry thats just not Islam"

He did not say ban mullahs frommedia. He said Ban hate speeches and calls for violence by mulahs on media. As far as what Iwas taught, Islam is a religion of peace. I feel that those hate speeches and calls for violence are anti-Islamic. Do you agree? If yes, then he is asking to ban something that is anti-Islamic.

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