Pornography linked to mental illness among kids

According to a psychotherapy clinic, use of porn features in 26.5 percent of young patients.

Ians April 25, 2012

LONDON: Online porn is linked to a quarter of mental illnesses among kids, British researchers have claimed.

The figure was revealed as Prime Minister David Cameron Sunday signalled his support for a web clampdown on extreme images.

According to London's Portman clinic, a National Health Survey (NHS) outpatient psychotherapy clinic, use of porn features in 26.5 percent of young patients. It has risen from less than one per cent in the late 90s, The Sun reported.

A Parliamentary report led by Tory MP Claire Perry has called for a web porn ban on all computers - unless adults "opt in".

It found up to 27 percent of boys access it weekly.

Cameron told MPs that he had urged internet firms "to look at offering a choice of blocking adult content".


Saad | 9 years ago | Reply

Take any group of a 100 teenagers and way more then 25 of them will be watching porn. This number will be the same for a psychotherapy clinic or even a university. If 25 of the people in the clinic have an ipod does that mean that music leads to mental illness?? And the obvious reason that the rate has increased from the 90s is because of technology.

nomi | 9 years ago | Reply

I don't think the 'liberals' that you have mentioned, are against blocking porn. What 'liberals' are saying is that often porn and blasphemy are used as an excuse for blocking internet content while the real motives are oppression. If you give internet blocking facility to civil servants, they will often use it for purposes other than exclusively blocking porn. Internet will become 'PTV khabernama at 9'. The fear is that initially Army, then Parliament, Executive, Political Parties, Mullahs, and every other tom dick and harry will stand up and start blocking.

For blocking porn, we can introduce a filtration process in our own PCs - there are tones of ways to do that.

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