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Published: August 7, 2010
Hrithik Roshan announced on Twitter that he has finally quit smoking. PHOTO: FILE

Hrithik Roshan announced on Twitter that he has finally quit smoking. PHOTO: FILE

Justin Bieber is excited about being nominated for an MTV Video Music Award. PHOTO: AFP Hrithik Roshan announced on Twitter that he has finally quit smoking. PHOTO: FILE

New research suggests that employees who fritter time away on Facebook, Twitter and other social media Web sites are costing British businesses billions. But that isn’t a problem for celebrities with deep pockets.

Weeks after joining Twitter, Meera has uploaded her pictures to prove it’s actually her tweeting. She feels sad for the floods that have ravaged Pakistan and tweeted about the abduction case filed against her family.

Hrithik Roshan announcing on Twitter that he has quit smoking. The actor wrote on the micro-blogging site, “Hello tweeple, Giving up smoking today. Any of you disgusting smokers wanna join me? Love to the rest of you non-smokers.” It was earlier reported that Roshan was trying to kick the habit by using nicotine patches but he denied the reports. The actor had earlier written that he smokes just two to five cigarettes a day. “I know it’s not the best thing but if well balanced with exercise and diet, it’s not too bad either,” he wrote.

Superstar Shah Rukh Khan has also revealed on Twitter that he is shooting for an advertisement with his wife Gauri, who usually likes to remain away from the spotlight. “I am shooting an advert with Gauri for a fantastic furnishing brand, very nervous, hope it turns out well,” Khan posted on his Twitter page.

The duo has been happily married for the past 19 years. They have two children – Aryan and Suhana.

Here’s a rundown of what celebrities have been posting on Twitter.


I am involved in solving a very serious family problem these days. I have tried my best to avoid this but people have unnecessarily involved me.

Ashton Kutcher

Just saw a nun go through airport security with a hat on. I’m just saying rules are rules.

Conan O’Brien

Clash of the Titans on DVD features an alternate ending never seen in theatres. Also included is the original ending never seen in theatres.

Paula Abdul

Ever noticed how chefs move like dancers? They’re constantly moving. Their movements are so graceful – lots of turning, reaching, stretching.

Jemima Khan

I now travel with 3 iPods in place of children- my two boys and my teenage stepdaughter en route to Spain for a week.

Mahesh Bhatt

The politicians think they have the power. That’s wrong. The filmmakers have the power.

Ryan Seacrest

Spoke with Ellen DeGeneres tonight. I will miss her on “Idol”. She’s one of the kindest and most talented people in Hollywood.

Justin Bieber

Just found I was nominated for Best New Artist at the VMAs. Wow! I remember walking the red carpet last year and no one knew my name.

Karan Johar

My mom is now finally on the Blackberry messenger. Maybe Twitter is her next stop.

Ali Zafar

The more we expand our focus to include others’ interests alongside our own, the more securely we build the foundations of our own happiness.

Published in The Express Tribune, August 8th, 2010.

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