Bilawal opens donation point, defends father

Opening a donation point at the Pakistani High Commission, Bilawal insisted his father was raising much-need funds.

Afp August 07, 2010

LONDON: Bilawal Bhutto Zardari on Saturday vehemently defended his father President Asif Ali Zardari's visit to Europe despite the flooding disaster affecting up to 15 million people in Pakistan.

Opening a donation point at the Pakistani High Commission in London, the 21-year-old insisted his father was raising much-needed funds.

"He's doing the best he can and what he thinks is best to help the people of Pakistan," the Oxford University history graduate said.

"His personal presence in Pakistan would not be able to raise this much money," he said, adding that multi-million dollar donations had been made by France, Britain and Abu Dhabi.

The Gulf emirate had "also promised to come and help the rehabilitation after the floods have gone, after the media have gone, and after people are not paying attention," he said.

"If he thought he could be more useful in Pakistan, I'm sure he would be there."

Zardari has been criticised in Pakistan and by some in the British Pakistani community for carrying on his visit.

He has said that he intended to continue his academic and political education and was considering studying law.

When asked about his plans to go into politics, Bilawal said he was focused on completing his education "as my mother wished."

President Zardari was due to speak at an event in Birmingham in central England.


mahreen tunio | 11 years ago | Reply I am a member of pppf which is a fedaration of ppp but still i would add that only collecting fund does'nt matters champ u need to protect and sumbit the aid to the people properly . Do you know all the votes and money you have got is of these pakistani people especially the sindh ??? our mother land doen'nt want any clearification but want help not only in the means of money ... thanks for your concern Mr. bilawal but I have got so dissapointed from you and ppp and its very good to know u not intersted in politics and your land because now they doesnt want you anymore ... miss our leader BB and Z.A bhutto :(
verbal | 11 years ago | Reply hey bilawal, sorry to say but the president is needed at home, its more of emotional suport then anything else, seeing him visiting the affected areas would of raised a sense of responsibility in the people and a response faaaarrrr greater then wat it is right now at home. remember katrina?and bush's not visiting..and how no one forgave him for one will forgive zardari for this..its gone too far, why dont you come back go to a local university..a government about GC? and live in a middle class home before you start defending your father
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