Bhoja Air crash: 'Acceleration at low height caused mid-air explosion'

Initia­l invest­igatio­n reveals co-pilot informed control tower he lost control of plane 3 minutes before crash.

Web Desk April 21, 2012

An initial investigation report compiled with information received from air traffic control has revealed that the Bhoja Air plane was flying at 500km per hour which caused the fuel tank to burst, resulting in a mid-air explosion, scattering debris for miles around, Express News reported on Saturday.

The plane, which was in landing position, should have been at 1,500 to 1,700ft above ground and was only at 200ft and was travelling at 500km, Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) sources said.

The plane was 10km away from the runway, considering this, the plane was flying too low and too fast to make the landing, sources told Express News.

According to the initial investigation report, the last words the co-pilot said to air traffic control were “I have lost control of the plane”, after which they lost contact with the plane at around three minutes before crash.

Sources said that this report was not made with information from the black box and was just a result of initial investigations conducted.

Information Minister Qamar Zaman Kaira, talking to the media, vowed that the investigation into the crash will be done as soon as possible. "We will make sure that there is no human delay... We will try to arrange for the compensation as well."

When asked about the investigation of the Airblue crash, Kaira said that the investigation was done and the report was presented to the public too, now it is up to them whether they want to believe the report or not.

"AirBlue belongs to our opponent party, why would we have hidden the truth?" he questioned and added that before the details of the Bhoja crash come, everything will be 'just speculations'.

He announced that the CAA will hold a press conference at 4pm and further added that 115 bodies of the crash victims have been identified.

The passenger flight travelling from Karachi to Islamabad carrying 121 passengers and six crew members came hurtling down towards the outskirts of Rawalpindi at 6:46pm on Friday evening.

Among the passengers were five infants and six children. There were no survivors.

Bhoja Air’s aged B737-200 took off from Karachi airport at 5:05pm and crashed five nautical miles from Islamabad airport on the village of Hussainabad. However, rescuers said people on the ground remained largely safe as the bulk of the wreckage fell in an open area.


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farhana | 9 years ago | Reply


having read my previous message i dont think you understood, my questions were just what came to mind so i thought i would get views of people with more knowledge then me, however your reply was bang out of order, if i had made comments then what you said was defined, however making comments regarding lack of education for others, not know that you lack consideration within yourself.

Ahmed | 9 years ago | Reply


If whatever you say is correct why plane got clearance from South Africa. Which genius told you that plane was in Karachi. It has been mentioned clearly that plane was brought from South Africa. Are you jsut cooking stories based on your imagination or what?

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