Rinkle, Dr Lata, Asha choose to live with husbands

Girls make announcement at SC Registrar Office, parents say decision not taken in open court.

Azam Khan/web Desk April 18, 2012

ISLAMABAD: Three girls - who were allegedly forced to convert to Islam and marry Muslims – announced their decision to live with their husbands and not their families, Express News reported on Wednesday. The Supreme Court of Pakistan had earlier allowed them decide their future themselves.

The decision was announced at the Registrar Office of the Supreme Court.

Express News reported that the parents had said the decision was not taken in an open court.

The girls, Faryal (Rinkle Kumari), Hafsa Bibi (Dr Lata) and Haleema Bibi (Asha Kumari), had earlier been allowed to decide whether they want to live with their husbands or their family.

The three-member bench, comprising Chief Justice (CJ) Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, Justice Khilji Arif Hussain and Justice Tariq Parvez, had ordered the police to provide adequate security to the girls and said that in case of any harm faced by the girls, the police officials will be blamed for negligence. The court had added that the girls were old enough to make the right decisions themselves.

The court had earlier sent Faryal and Hafsa to a shelter home called ‘Panah’ in order to give them time to decide their future without any pressure.

The bench was hearing a constitutional petition moved by the Pakistan Hindu Council.

Dr Ramesh Kumar, patron-in-chief Pakistan Hindu Council, had moved the petition asking for the recovery of three females belonging to the Hindu community, including Rinkle daughter of Nandlal (Mirpur Mathello), Dr Lata daughter of Dr Ramesh (Jacobabad) and Asha (Larkana).

Faryal had earlier maintained that she was neither kidnapped, nor converted or married forcibly. She said she converted to Islam and married of her free will, and that nobody pressurised her into doing so. However, her family has alleged that she was abducted and forced to convert and marry.


guru | 11 years ago | Reply well, kidnapping, raping, forced conversion (happens only in muslim nations) are default means of getting woman. All these things happen and will happen because of woman(flesh) and nothing else. one thing i don't understand about muslims if they want girls like saudi sheiks, bangladeshi gangsters, or pakistani 'power lords' and even some politicians of kerala, up, bihar of India use religion (of course islam) as a shield to protect their crime. by converting a girl to islam it does not grow.....! (may be from head counts........but not from brains.....) actually it decays from within....all the tears, sorrows, fears of those little girls will definitely decay its roots....religion and sex are personal things and they should not be applied forcibly on a person and they cannot be but in this case even law helping criminals. if these girls decide to live with their parents there is another great options with pakisthani muslims of course it is called acid attack.........and that is what they do to suppress woman from speaking. well i dont hate islam .....never did i but because of few like naveed shah of rinkle kumari case it is getting bad image. PAKISTAN is the mixture of politics+terrorism+religion and of course donations from USA.
Giri | 11 years ago | Reply

Did you all know that Mian Mith00 and his hundreds of supporters were threatened by Rinkle's parents and uncle? It was terrifying for an old man to live and fight for justice and finally justice prevailed. Old man is still under threat and Police protection should be given to him and his son/daughter-in-law from the threats of Rinkle's ex-family. Remember what founder of the country has said. Even the majority should be free live under no threats.

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