Dutch man fathers 82 kids

The man had sex with 15 women every month, and has fathered 82 children so far.

Ians April 17, 2012

LONDON: In a bid to help childless women become mothers, a 42-year-old Dutch man launched a free "baby making" service nine years ago.

The man had sex with 15 women every month, and has fathered 82 children so far.

Ed Houben stayed a virgin till the age of 34. He usually waits for women to come to him at his home in Maastricht, but makes exceptions if the women pay for his travelling expenses and accommodation, the Daily Mail reported.

The man had 45 girls and 35 boys in nine years. His children are spread all over the globe -- Germany, Holland, Italy, Spain, Belgium, France and New Zealand.

He said he began donating sperm to local clinics. But later he found there was a market for procreation "the natural way", the daily said.

He connects with childless women through German website Spermaspender.de.

All women must submit medical records showing they are disease and drug free.


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Jalaluddin Isa | 9 years ago | Reply

It is a surprise to actually find an article on this topic. A few years ago while discussing future professions with a friend, I stumbled across the idea of becoming a sperm donor but didn't think that I could actually make any money of it and that it would have to be something I do voluntary. After reading this, I am more confident that this world is open to anything. This man has not only done a very beautiful service to these women, but he has also made a cut off it. Previous comments compare his actions to those of a prostitute, but I disagree. A prostitute indulges in sexual activities for money, not because they want to make the other party feel better. While this man, was first a sperm donor, showing that he felt the need to help single women or women with sterile husbands' to actually have a family of their own. Yes, I agree that this man is now charging for his "natural" services but I believe he only does that because he has to. His mission to give everyone an opportunity at a happy family is something that cannot ever be quantified with money, but my belief is that the little money he takes from his clients is necessary for this man to be able to function. I doubt that while providing his "natural" services to women, this man is able to work. Thus it is very important that this man is compensated for time and effort he puts into his mission, it is the only the right thing to do.

Haris | 9 years ago | Reply

@WAY TO GO: They don't care! Seriously, I am living in Germany for past 3 years and realize it.

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