White House: US to continue drone strikes

Drone strikes to resume on reports of high-value targets, cooperation on common interests to continue.

Web Desk April 14, 2012

KARACHI: The US said it was adamant on continuing drone attacks but  was seriously contemplating a formal apology for the Salala check post incident that killed 24 Pakistani troops in November last year. 

According to the US media, White House officials proclaimed that drone strikes would resume on receipt of reports of high-value targets, as eradicating terrorist hideouts was in their national interest. The officials added that the US will continue cooperation on common interests with Pakistan.

On the other hand, a newspaper claimed that according to an official at the White House, the US is seriously considering a formal apology for the drone attack that killed 24 soldiers last year.

Earlier, the parliament had made a bold attempt to change the power balance between Pakistan and the US by calling for a halt to drone attacks and refusing to allow Pakistani airspace to be used by the US.


Tony C. | 10 years ago | Reply

@Common Pakistani: Dear Common Pakistani, The American presence in Pakistan/Afghanistan is unfortunate for everybody. Particularly when their drones kill innocent men, women and children, which happens every time a supposedly intelligent missile or bomb is fired. On the plus side, which is no consolation, these so called intelligent weapons are very expensive and are slowly sending America bankrupt. For example, although one cannot get a definite answer on the cost of a Hellfire missile, the initial cost is about $58,000.00 and total cost, with various overheads, is well over $100,000.00. Let us hope that with U.S. unfunded liabilities of well over 200 trillion dollars, and climbing, these relatively small amounts will mount up and force the Americans into reviewing the cost effectiveness of drones and their various types of explosive devices. This is the only hope we have. They are obviously not concerned about the death toll of innocent people.

Common Pakistani | 10 years ago | Reply

@Mirza Two wrongs do not make one right. Drone attacks, not only in Pakistan but anywhere, are wrong. Pls take into account the INCREASE in terrorism after these attacks started. We need to sit down and talk. These attacks are just bringing misery. Stopping militancy does not translate into drone attacks at any cost, under any circumstances. They are also against international law. We cant become inhuman to fight inhuman acts. This is the first lesson our mothers teach to us, dont they?

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