Balochistan law and order: SC reprimands top cops for not following orders

Published: April 13, 2012
Chief justice appeared upset over police officials' conduct, orders secretary establishment to arrest IG Balochistan. PHOTO: AFP/FILE

Chief justice appeared upset over police officials' conduct, orders secretary establishment to arrest IG Balochistan. PHOTO: AFP/FILE

ISLAMABAD: Hearing Balochistan law and order case, the Supreme Court on Thursday reprimanded Balochistan and Sindh provinces’ top cops for not following the directions of the highest court of the country.

Inspector General of Police (IGP) Sindh appeared before a three-member bench and assured the court of following its order in the future.

During the hearing, Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry seemed upset over police officials’ conduct and ordered the secretary establishment to arrest IGP Balochistan after suspending him and sent him to jail.

The chief justice lamented that none of the authorities are concerned about the deteriorating law and order situation in the province.

The court also asked the relevant authorities to register cases against police officials of Balochistan who are involved in handing over people to unknown persons or for not taking action against abduction of people from their respective areas.

The court even dictated its written order in this regard but on the request of the DIG (Operations) Balochistan, the court omitted a paragraph relating to cases registered against police officials including the IG, two SPs and SHO. “Balochistan is burning and they (officials) are sitting idle],” Justice Chuadhry said before giving another chance to police officials to appear before the court and explain their progress.

“Tell us why proceedings of criminal negligence not be initiated against you?” the chief justice asked police officials. The court issued summons for the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Balochistan and concerned SP and SHOs for Friday.

During the hearing, three missing persons from Quetta Saryab Road were produced before the Supreme Court. The court termed their custody illegal, ordering their immediately release with the directions to not to arrest them again without its permission.

The three narrated to the court that they had been kept at an unidentified place. The court asked advocate general Balochistan about the remaining four Saryab missing persons and said that the police was much optimistic on the last hearing but it could not produce any result.

The court asked the officials where these missing persons had been kept and where they found them. “Tell us the names, and we will summon whichever institution or individual is involved in this crime,” the Chief Justice demanded. But none of the officials present took any names.

The court was hearing cases related to the law and order situation of Balochistan province. The issue had been raised by the Balochistan High Court Bar Association (BHCBA) President Shakeel Hadi before the Supreme Court. The court took the opportunity to continue proceedings of the gruesome murder of the wife and daughter of Mir Bakhtiar Domki in Karachi on February 6, and the appeal for missing persons cases of Balochistan. The court will hear this case from April 30 in Quetta.

The IGP Balochistan has also been directed to submit a comprehensive report for the incident, which took place in between the night of 9/10 April, 2012 on Prince Road during which six people had been murdered, one near Bolan Medical College where six people had been killed and on Mir Ahmed Khan Road where two persons were murdered.

The court also directed chief secretaries all four provinces to give schedule of the local bodies elections mandatory under the 18th constitutional amendment. Chief Justice Chaudhry observed that in the absence of local government system, the law and order issue has further deepened in Balochistan province.

The case of recovery of missing persons and appearance as well as submissions of reports by police officers shall be taken up on April 13, 2012 in Islamabad, however, the main case shall be put up for hearing on April 30 at the Quetta Branch Registry.

Domki family murder case

The chief justice asked IG Sindh to call back DIG Shabbir Ahmad from America for investigation of the murder case of the granddaughter of late Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti.

The IG said that the bright future of the DIG would be affected, on which the chief justice replied that the bright future is related to service of the countrymen.

Justice Chaudhry said that the DIG should be called back and told that this case is much important than any other assignment.

The police officer investigating this case informed the court that five raids were conducted to extract information from suspects within the Bugti family. He also submitted a report before the court claiming confidentiality for it.

He told the court that he was in constant contact with DPO Loralai Balochistan Muhamamd Tariq for the purpose. “I interrogated him thoroughly and extracted some important information from him,” he added.

He also requested the court to direct Inspector General of Police Islamabad to extend his cooperation in geo-fencing of the murder incident. The court directed IGP Islamabad Bani Amin Khan to cooperate with the Karachi police to do the needful.

On the complaint of Bilal Bugti, a close relative of Domki’s wife, he claimed that the police was conducting raid in a humiliating manner.

The court asked the police to ensure due manners were observed in the investigation and also asked Bilal Bugti to cooperate with the police in order to bring the murder investigation to its logical end.

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Reader Comments (2)

  • Ali Mardan
    Apr 13, 2012 - 6:03AM

    After loss of so many lives at least someone took the notice of man slaughtering in Balochistan. The Balochistan Police is of no use, terrorists are slaughtering innocent people in broad day light and manage to escape swiftly after committing crimes. There is no law and no law enforcing agency to stop them from their evil deeds. Despite of having information Police is reluctant take to action against them. I am still doubtful about the compliance of CJ orders. Only time will tell how an idle Provincial Police would come-up with strategy to bring halt to the ongoing massacre.


  • mir
    Apr 13, 2012 - 10:45AM

    it is the joke of year that CJ is repeatedly asking Police, that who kidnapp these missing persons and further saying tell us the names “we (Court) will take action against them what ever or who so ever they will be,” i am failed to undersand this Law, that, when the kidnapees them self have given the statement that they have been kidnapped by agencies and were kept at an unkown place, than why CJ doesnt give clear instruction and order for appearance of these agencies people and ask directly from these agencies. “OH GOD give courage to our CJ” i think CJ is also passing the time and want to remain in the “breaking News” of Media, by giving heavy, unjustified and unimplemented orders, I,E arrest IG police Bln, and so on , I request CJ to please come to the point and give clear orders and that to against the main culpirts, dont beat the bush


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