Memogate scandal: Haqqani will not appear before commission

Commission had warned that a red warrant will be issued for Haqqani's arrest if he didn't attend today's hearing.

Web Desk April 12, 2012

ISLAMABAD: Despite warnings from the memo commission, former ambassador to the United Stated Husain Haqqani, will not be present at the hearing of the Memogate scandal which is underway at the Islamabad High Court on Thursday.

According to sources, the memo commission had issued a final warning to Haqqani in the last hearing and said that if he did not attend today’s hearing, a red warrant will be issued for his arrest.

Zahid Bukhari, the attorney for Haqqani, had also said that he would request the commission today (Thursday) to not take any adverse action against his client until the Supreme Court issues final orders.

He had added that Haqqani’s petition, filed by his counsel Asma Jahangir, was already pending before the apex court in which he requested for recording his statement via video link from London

“My stance will be to seek time till April 18, when Asma returns from India,’’ he added.

Earlier, the commission had proposed four options to bring Haqqani back to Pakistan. The four options included: seize his property in Pakistan, issuance of an arrest warrant, filing of a criminal case against him or hold him in contempt of court.


Irfan | 11 years ago | Reply

The Memogate scandal has continuously been proving a complete waste of the country’s precious time and resources. It has damaged the inherent image/idea of our country’s sovereignty. Interestingly, taking notice of airing footage of the proceedings, the commission has warned the media of strict action. The court directives would have certainly disappointed media-savvy Mansoor Ijaz who has crossed all limits to get media attention. However in an attempt to attract Pakistan and world media he is badly exposed. His real face has been exposed to people. Commentary in low moral video and than official scam speak the volume of his morality.

Bilal | 11 years ago | Reply Hussain Haqqani was one the best and most effective Pakistan ambassadors. He has worked hard to lift up Pakistan image in USA and also to bridge the gap while the relation went in turmoil between the two countries. Good Pakistani citizens have lost the services of a great man. I am sure, at the end this whole episode of Memogate will lead to no where. If Hussain Haqqani had to send a message he could have directly talked to USA heads instead of sending a letter through third person. This memo business looks like a sting operation cooked up by Ijaz in collusion with the deep state to get Haqqani out. Why would Ijaz show the “evidence” to Pasha in London? If he is a legitimate person shouldn’t he have given the “evidence” to the Pak justice department instead? It all smells of an orchestrated drama.
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