Failure of our political class

Published: April 10, 2012

BOSTON: This is with reference to Dr Tariq Rehman’s article “Who controls foreign policy in Pakistan?” (April 10). The writer states that: “The present crisis about the Nato supply line is an example of our public opinion holding us hostage”.

One would have thought that in a democratic dispensation the public opinion would be paramount in making decisions about important issues and parliament should reflect upon it when making decisions and policies. However, apparently the writer does not believe that should be the case.

According to him, the public is too unreliable and naive to understand these complex issues and hence a few mandarins should control and guide the affairs of the state. But then whatever happened to the criticism he has heaped on the establishment in the beginning of the article, which has also been accused of controlling important policy matters over the years?

What he fails to mention is the utter incompetence of our feudal political class to take care of anything except their own personal and parochial interests. If they had any capability they would have taken charge and led the country in a competent manner. But they cannot do so and always accuse others for their own failures. This has always been the case whenever they have been given a chance to rule, the writer’s claims notwithstanding.

Shahid Jamil

Published in The Express Tribune, April 11th, 2012.

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