Religious harmony: Christians celebrate Easter in FATA

50 Christian families living peacefully in FATA say they never felt discriminated against.

Mureeb Mohmand April 08, 2012


The Christian community in  Mohmand and Bajaur agencies, areas that have borne the brunt of Taliban militancy, will celebrate the festival of Easter today (Sunday).

Raza Masih, Father at the Church of Ghallanai, told The Express Tribune that Father James Samuel and Babu Nadeem will come from Peshawar to deliver the Easter sermon at the church.

“Officials of the Mohmand political administration and members of the Mohmand Press Club have been asked to join us in the Easter Walk and prayers at our church,” Waris Khan, a Christian worker at the press club, told The Express Tribune.  “Last year, the agency’s political agent visited our church in Ghallanai and participated in Easter prayers.”

According to Khan, 50 Christian families live in Ghallanai, the headquarters of Mohmand Agency, and most serve in different government departments. They also have their own Catholic church in the area.  “We live peacefully in the agency. Even some Muslim colleagues join us during ceremonies and religious festivals.” Students in the area – Rahol from grade 5 and Kindergarten student Smith – said that their teachers and classmates treated them like brothers. They said they never felt discriminated against at school because of their religion.

Published in The Express Tribune, April 8th, 2012.


Tehreek-e-Insaf FATA | 9 years ago | Reply

Although this news is about Mohmand Agency; some 50 Christian/Hindu families also live in Bajaur Agency. They have been living there even during the military operation amid a wave of militancy (never harmed by anyone). I personally had some Christian/Hindu friends there and they were great souls to be with. They used to distribute "Pulao" among the neighbours on Easter, Christmas, Deewali (they called these festivals "Christian/Hindu Eids" to make us understand what they stood for... :P) "Holi" was never witnessed though; I wonder why. May be it was avoided since it involves mixing up of males/females; against the common tribal customs. Happy Easter to all Christian friends.

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