Teaching hate: Punjab textbooks spreading bigotry, hate says NCJP

Social studies and Urdu text books target Hindus, Christians and spread misinformation, report cites.

Web Desk April 05, 2012

The National Commission for Justice and Peace (NCJP) a peace and human rights body, has released material on the issue of 'Religious Discrimination in Education Policy' and Syllabus, including specimens from Punjab text books.

According to the NCJP, the curriculum and education policy in Punjab and generally whole of Pakistan disregards Article 22 of the Constitution "when it comes to hundreds of thousands of non-Muslim students attending schools in the province."

The commission has also proposed that any material considered ‘inflammatory’ or ‘discriminatory’ to religious minorities be removed from the syllabus.

Specimens of hate material identified by NCJP

Punjab Textbook Board, Lahore

Subject: URDU (Mery Kitab)

Code: April 2009 - CLASS: 03

Lesson: Hamary Rehnma (Our leaders)

(Page 57/line 14) “Englishmen and Hindus both were against the independence of Pakistan”

(Page 57/line 16) “… They failed the conspiracy of Englishmen and Hindus”

Subject: URDU (Mery Kitab)

Code: XLVII/AV - CLASS: 04

Lesson: Minar e Pakistan ki Kahani (A story of Minar e Pakistan)

(Page 23/line 13 – 15) “Hindus will not allow Islamic rule after Englishmen leaves. They will not allow such God’s rule but instead of Hindus laws and where Muslims would be socially discriminated”

(Page 23/line 06) “Englishmen and Hindu were already against the Muslims”

Subject: Social Studies 

May 2009, First Edition   - CLASS: 05

Lesson: Islami Jemhoriya Pakistan (Islamic Republic of Pakistan)

(Page 02/ line 01-04)  “The creeds of Muslims and Hindus are totally different. Hindus have many gods and idols, whereas Muslims believe in one God, who is the creator of this Universe and Muslims worship Him.  Hindu religion has divided human beings in different castes and women have not dignity.”

(Page 02) Whole text of this page is based on hatred against the Hindus.

(Page 02/line 21) “Hindus opposed the independence of Pakistan.”

(Page 02/line 22-23) “Hindus never accepted the independence of Pakistan.”

(Page 03/line 08-09) “The Hindu king of Kashmir planned a conspiracy along with other Hindus.”

(Page 03/ Para - Freedom war of Kashmiris 1948) This entire paragraph is based on hatred and twists the history.

(Page 03/ Para -                War of September 1965) This entire paragraph is based on hatred and twists the history.

(Page 04/line 05 – 06) “India started provoking the people and leaders of East Pakistan against West.”

(Page 04/line 15) “Raja Heri Singh, a cruel Hindu ruler of Kashmir.”

(Page 05/line 23) “Enemies of Islam.”

(Page 77/line 07 - Muhammad Bin Qasim) “Many Hindus converted to Islam.”

(Page 77/line 22) “Hindus of Sindh were voluntarily embracing Islam.”

Subject: URDU                 

Code: XLVII/AL  - CLASS: 05

Lesson: Karardad e Pakistan (Resolution of Pakistan)

(Page 19/line 10) “The Englishmen through a conspiracy in 1857…”

(Page 19/ line 15) “Soon after the resolution was passed, the Hindus kicked up a row of hatred.”

Lesson: Hazrat Amam Jafer Sadiq (Jafar Sadiq, the Superior leader)

(Page 32/line 12) “From hiding the infidels...”

(Page 32/line 13-14) “A selfish Jew was the owner of a well and he never allowed Muslims to take water from it.”

(Page 56/line 05) “Do you like it that we remain under these infidels and our next generation lives as their slaves.”

(Page 56/line 10) “Many infidels lost their lives.”

Subject: URDU                 

Code: XLVII/AL  - CLASS: 06

Lesson: Sultan Silahudin Ayubi (King  Silahudin Ayubi)

(Page 30, 31, 32) Word “Kafir/infidel” is used frequently.

(Page 31/line 19 – 22) The entire paragraph against Christians/Christianity.

Lesson: Musads e Hali

(Page 15/line 7- 8) Shows map of barbarianism (Before arrival of Islam).


Code: XLVII/AL  - CLASS: 07

Lesson: Islam sy pehly Arab muashry ki halat (The situation of pre Islamic society)

(Page 07 – 14) The whole chapter is based on religious hatred.

Subject: URDU                 

Code: XLVII/AL  - CLASS: 08

Ek azeem din (A great day)

(Page 58/line 23) “Hindus declared the independence of Pakistan a dream of insane person.”

Subject: URDU                 

Code: XLVII/AL  - CLASS: 09

Rasool e Akram (PBUH) k Ikhlaq (The Ethics of Holy Prophet PBUH)

(Page 03/line 04) “Women remained degraded in pre-Islamic period.”

Subject: URDU                 

Code: XLVII/AL  - CLASS: 10

Lesson: Nazriya e Pakistan (Ideology of Pakistan)

(Page 07/line 01 – 03) “But when an infidel wants to have rule...”due to interference of Hindus in political affaire of the country they promoted Hindu values in the society.”

(Page 08/ line 05) “Hindus did a conspiracy and hurt Muslims.”

(Page 08/line 15) “In that period of time Hindus started a movement of Shudee to convert Muslims into Hinduism.”

(Page 09/line 17 – 18) “It was not acceptable to live under this nation as minority, which is contrary with Islamic nationalism they were tightened with racialism and caste system.”

(Page 10/line 02) “The Hindus did not like the decision of the independence of Pakistan; they tried their level best to discontinue this struggle.”

Lesson: Musads e Hali

(Page 15/line 7- 8) It shows illiteracy and barbarianism.


jai | 12 years ago | Reply

Many Muslims like Maulana Abul Kalam Azad were not in the favour of the creation of Pakistan either. I guess the Maulana was a Hindu infidel too. There are more Muslims in India than in Pakistan and they chose to remain with secular India. I guess they are Hindu infidels too. Those Muslims who actually left their home and hearth and left for a land they knew nothing about just for the sake of Pakistan are however called Mohajirs and discriminated against too. Those Mohajirs sacrificed more for Pakistan than the Muslims who were already living in the areas now called Pakistan who didn't have to sacrifice everything they had. I hope they educate the Pakistani populace to not discriminate against them too. Regardless of the reasons for the creation of Pakistan there is no reason to preach hatred against religious minorities to this day if Pakistan claims to give equal rights for minorities. As citizens of Pakistan the state has a duty of care toward them and that includes not preaching hatred against them to the majority Muslims systematically and endangering the lives of minorities.

usmanx | 12 years ago | Reply

Giri's comment is a product of Indian miseducation.

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