Twitter Alert: Justice for Qudoos

The trend #JusticeforQudoos was established by local Twitter users calling for accountability and justice in the case.

Web Desk April 02, 2012

A strong call by the Ahmadi community and its supporters for justice in the case of a well known Ahmadi schoolteacher alleged death by torture while in police custody was a top Twitter trend in Pakistan today.

Master Abdul Qudoos Ahmad, 43, was detained by the police in the first week of February and was brutally tortured during interrogations, causing severe internal injuries, Ahmad’s family alleged.

The trend #JusticeforQudoos was established by local Twitter users calling for accountability and justice in the case.

Top tweets

Naeem Sabir ‏ @cybegeek

to all active Ahmadi Community members on twitter demand justice for Master Abdul Qadoos in your circles #justiceforqadoos

Balal Haider ‏ @balalhaider

#justiceforqadoos is what we all want. Police involved in murdered must be held responsible.

Sabahat Ahmad ‏ @SabahatAhmad

may i ask the liberal and 'free' media why won't they dare to give airtime to #JusticeForQadoos instead of airing their funny shows.

Munir Khan ‏ @munir104

Death by torture at the hands of Chenabnagar police should not go unpunished! #justiceforqadoos let this not be another statistic

rafi ‏ @morafi

What's the fuss with #justiceforqadoos Pakistan media don't think it's important enough to report he was tortured to death by Punjab police


KHURRAM NISAR | 9 years ago | Reply The same satianic forces who have tried to erase Jamat Ahmadiyya from the surface of Earth have once more shown their real face. Another brutal act and once more towards a innocent Ahmadi.The police did all they can . Soon these forces will realise that there is revenge time and that will be directly be made by the God of Jamat Ahmadiyya. The same Allah, who took recevenge from Shah Faisal, Bhutto, Zia etc. Hence when Jamat Ahmadiyyas Allah will come for help no god will save you. you have no believe in strength of Allah The Almighty. Salam Aye Qudoos, Salam Aye Qudoos
hazeem | 9 years ago | Reply

We want justice and if Government is unable to give us justice It means Government is supporting to those Killers and they both are responsible for all of this.

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