Cycle of violence

Published: March 30, 2012

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND: This is with reference to the editorial titled “Descent into anarchy” (March 28). I believe that Karachi’s problems related to violence and the law and order situation are entirely solvable. The real problem here is to figure out ‘who is going to do the solving’? Those with the authority to do so have an interest in maintaining the status quo prevalent in the city. Over the long-term, the real solution to Karachi’s woes is economic growth that is inclusive and well-distributed. When the pie is growing faster than the number of diners at the table, the threat of one eating another’s share will recede. Consider New York, which is home to various communities of immigrants, not just from every part of the US, but from every country of the world. No one has burned a bus there in a very long time.

Better policing and reducing the quantity of weapons that are feely available will help. Why cannot there be a complete ban on weapons — licensed or otherwise — in the city? A deweaponisation campaign needs to be initiated, which should be implemented across the board with no allowances made for the retinue of ministers and sardars that live in Karachi. This, unfortunately, will remain a pipe dream since it is these very people who rule the city. As I stated earlier, the problem is ‘who’ not ‘what.’

Shehzad Shah

Published in The Express Tribune, March 31st, 2012.

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