Lahore loadshedding: Protestors turn violent, block Ferozepur Road

Policemen say they are only there to keep an eye on the protestors, doing nothing to disperse them.

Ali Usman March 27, 2012

LAHORE: After burning tyres to protest against long power outages that are disturbing business and life, protestors blocked Ferozepur Road in Lahore on Tuesday.

A large number of protestors were present on Ferozepur Road near Ichra and Rehman Pura and tyres are being burnt on different spots.

Traffic police blocked the road for traffic from Shama Chowk but those who were stuck in the protest are finding it difficult in making their way through as the protestors are not letting people pass.

Heavy contingents of police were present on the spot but did not do anything to disperse the mob which turned violent and started breaking traffic signals.

“We have no choice but to protest against long power outages. The president had promised to end this loadshedding within 48 hours but no change has come in the loadshedding schedule,” said Muhammad Idrees, a protestor.

A large number of protestors comprised of youth who were holding sticks in their hands and not letting any commuters pass the road.

The majority of shopkeepers on Ferozepur Road closed down their shops and the petrol pumps were not selling fuel to the commuters.

“In this situation, anything can turn ugly and people even torch patrol pumps on such occasions. That’s why we have temporarily suspended the fuel supply,” said a manager at a petrol pump on Ferozepur Road.

“We don’t have orders to use any force against the protestors. We are just here to keep an eye on them,” replied a police constable when asked why the police were not doing anything to disperse the protestors.

Ferozepur Road is one of the main arteries in Lahore and a major business center. Most of the shops on Ferozepur Road are of ceramics, sanitary fittings, carpets, curtains and jewelry.


Mukhtiar Badshah | 9 years ago | Reply

There is no shortage of electricity, problem is stealing of electricity which Govt call line losses and impossible to control in present system

Rahil Malik | 9 years ago | Reply

If masses come out, Goverment and Military (G&M) will be scared and they will act. Just like in Arab Springs. If G&M, this problem can be solved. But they need good motivation: Fix this problem or else we will oust you.

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