Acid victim: Fakhra Yunus laid to rest in Karachi

MQM workers demand action against Yunus' husband, former MPA Bilal Khar who remains free on bail.

Ppi/web Desk March 25, 2012
Acid victim: Fakhra Yunus laid to rest in Karachi

KARACHI: Fakhra Yunus, acid victim of former MPA Bilal Khar, was laid to rest in Karachi on Sunday after her funeral prayers were held at Edhi Centre.

Her body reached Karachi airport from Italy earlier during the day amid protests led by the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM).

Yunus leapt off from the sixth floor of a building on March 17, 2012 in Italy which resulted in her death. She was provided shelter in Italy after being attacked by her husband 12 years back in Karachi.

Female workers of MQM gathered at Jinnah International Airport holding placards and chanting slogans against Khar, who is also the son of former Punjab governor Mustafa Khar.

MQM leader Altaf Hussain has taken immediate notice of the incident and demanded that Khar be ‘severely punished’ for his acts. Other MQM leaders have also demanded action be taken against the former Punjab chief minister and veteran politician Mustafa Khar's son Bilal Khar.

“There is a termite, which is eating our country from within; it is the feudal system,” remarked MQM leader Khushbakht Shujaat during the protest.

Iconic humanitarian worker Abdul Sattar Edhi was also present at the Karachi airport to receive Yunus' body.

Edhi also held the prevalent feudal system in the country to be responsible for such incidents. “They still oppress women the way it happened 8,000 years ago… they consider women to be their properties.”

Tehmina Durrani, who had helped Yunus find refuge in Italy, arrived at the airport along with Yunus’ family. Yunus’ son had handed over the funeral responsibilities to Durrani.

Speaking to the media, Durrani said that Yunus had lived her life with courage. In earlier interviews, Yunus had expressed her desire to return to Pakistan to seek justice.

Musarrat Misbah, a veteran beautician and owner of Depilex Smile Again Foundation For Acid Burn Victims was also present at the airport.

Meanwhile, Sindh Home Minister Manzoor Wasan has announced reopening of Yunus case.

The case

In 1998, Yunus was an 18-year-old resident of Napier Road’s Bulbul Bazar, Karachi’s red light district, when she met the then Muzaffargarh MPA Bilal Khar.

Shortly after the marriage, Yunus faced both physical and mental abuse by Khar, which lasted for three years before she eventually escaped and moved in with her mother.

An infuriated Khar allegedly took ‘revenge’ by pouring acid over her on May 14, 2000, as her five year old son watched. The attack left her severely burned, particularly her face. She, however, survived the attack but not before spending three months in intensive care.

Khar used his political influence to evade arrest and absconded, while Yunus’s family faced difficulty in registering an FIR against him.

On October 31, 2002, Khar was eventually arrested, but released in 2003 on Rs 200,000 bail.


Hope | 12 years ago | Reply

I hate to see the religion of Islam is associated by the heinous criminal acts committed by immoral and godless individuals. Anyone who has sense of believes in God and says he has a religion knows to never commit harmful act against another being, especially if the religion exclusively commends to never kill or place another being in harm’s way. Godless, inhuman, sinful, repulsive, despicable person is capable of something like this. I am Muslim woman, and I was immigrated to United States 14 years ago. I remember vividly how my life and the lives of many women were. I have seen the humiliating acts that were committed against women by their husband’s, their brothers, their father’s, and its true how male dominated my country was and is still is till today. I didn’t know how to read and write when I was living in my Country as a little girl who was motherless and fatherless but only knew how to speak in my motherland language. When I came to US, education freed me and gave me the prosperity to know what is right and what is wrong and what was being done to women was definitely wrongfully act committed by people who had no God in their lives and claimed to be something they were not. As soon as I have commence to learn how to read and write, I started to understand and learn more about my religion that teaches nothing what these men do to their wives and sisters. These countries are in its states of destroy because no one follows what they preach and what they claim to be. If these men followed the religion they claimed, immorality and indecency would have been wiped away from their hearts and they would have lived with the women in their lives with decency and deference. As Muslim, as woman I know the true concept behind what I am commended to follow and obey. My religion instructions men to love, to honor, to respect, to cherish, to understand woman and to give them their space because this world wasn’t only created for men and God never said men are superior than women and women are inferior and such be treated with such. As Muslim and as woman I know I have my place in this world and with knowledge, with patience I will not tolerate inhuman act being committed against me or any of my close sisters.

Geo | 12 years ago | Reply

Wow, this is one of the saddest stories Ive ever read. I have to not cry. Wow she took her life because someone made her that miserable. What a shame. Im so sorry for her that she had that happen to her and that the devastation was more than most humans could Ever deal with. What a shame. I only found out just now. REST IN TOTAL PEACE. xo. peace to the families of the deceased.

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