Nawaz need not tell us about respecting Supreme Court: Gilani

Hung Parliament is the reality of Pakistan's future, Nawaz would need our coalition partners to form government.

Web Desk March 24, 2012

ISLAMABAD: Having just completed four years in office, Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani said that he half expected Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz chairperson and “Charter of Democracy” cosignatory to congratulate the Premier.

“He did not congratulate us,” a semi-dejected Gilani told media while attending a wedding reception.

“If we had been a failure at governance, we would not have completed four years in office,” the Multan native pointed.

“I respect him a lot, but I want to remind him that there will never be a single majority party in the future,” he said, adding “they will need the support of my coalition partners in the future to form a government, so he should maintain good relations with all parties.”

Regarding remarks of Sharif on how Gilani should treat the Supreme Court, the Prime Minister retorted, “he talks of the judiciary, we all know how much respect he showed the superior judiciary, we will show more respect.”


Ahmer Ali | 11 years ago | Reply

“If we had been a failure at governance, we would not have completed four years in office,” the Multan native pointed. Mr. PM Gillani please keep it in your mind firmly and strongly that the government's successes and failures are not measured by the completion of years.The successes and failures of any government are measured on the basis of the country's,nation's and country's key departments' economical and financial advancements/conditions and unfortunately you have destroyed and damaged the Pakistan's,its nation's and its key departments' economy very and extremely badly within your last 4 years and have made them miserable than Musharraf's regime. Electricity bills have increased up to 90% with the end of subsidies. Eatables',oils' and ghee's prices have increased up to 80%. In 2007 POL's prices were Rs.50/liter and now 100/liter. In 2007 Dollar 60 and now 91. Please declare and define that how many industries have closed within your 4 years of government? How many billions of $$$$$ you have got as a loan? Please if you want to announce that you have successfully run the government then accept your demerits before the nation instead of camouflaging. And if you think that the 4 years' completion is your government's success then this is your the greatest ever misconception.

Adil | 11 years ago | Reply "we will show more respect". Wow Gillani!
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