Memogate: Haqqani wants to record statement via video link

Husain Haqqani's lawyer submits application in Supreme Court, says Haqqani faces threats in Pakistan.

Web Desk March 24, 2012
Memogate: Haqqani wants to record statement via video link

Former ambassador to the US, Husain Haqqani, in an attempt to get his statements recorded in London, submitted an application in the Supreme Court on Saturday, reported Express News.

Haqqani’s lawyer Zahid Bukhari, talking to Express News, said that his client’s life is in danger and thus he wants his statements recorded via video link, just as Mansoor Ijaz’s statement was recorded.

Bukhari said that Haqqani had earlier appealed to the memo commission probing the Memogate scandal to record his statement via video link, but the commission asked him to refer it to the Supreme Court.

“If a person, who writes against Pakistan, can get his statements recorded via video link, then Haqqani can do it as well,” remarked Bukhari. “We will act according to the Supreme Court’s decision.”

Haqqani, who is currently in London, has been summoned by the memo commission on March 26. The commission had allowed Haqqani to travel abroad on the condition that he will come back to Pakistan within four days of his summon.


Mirza | 12 years ago | Reply

The PCO SC judges can only bend over backwards for a rich American foreign agent and not treat him HH equal. If the court cannot treat them equal then there is no reason to believe that they would provide justice. Even a dumb person knows that HH is innocent till proven guilty. It is not his duty to prove his innocence but the prosecutor to prove his guilt. Even after it is proven that HH wrote and sent (which MI admits doing) the memo even then the malice and intentions have to be proven. By demanding equal treatment from the court HH and his lawyer has exposed the bias of the court which has been working not as neutral judges but prosecutors who have made the confessed writer and carrier of the memo and an open enemy of Pakistan as their darling witness. A man of MI’s character would have no credibility in any other country’s court.

Pan Mat | 12 years ago | Reply

@umair: Zahid Bukhari so far could not produce a single source of evidence to prove the innocence of his client…..

In a justice system a person is not required to prove his innocence, the onus of proving guilt lies with the other party which in this case is Mansoor Ijaz.

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