Karachi violence death toll climbs to 92

The death toll in Karachi following a spate of violence has reached 92, as at least 11 people were murdered overnight.

Express August 06, 2010

KARACHI: The death toll in Karachi following a spate of violence has reached 92, as at least 11 people were murdered overnight in various parts of the city.

The prime minister arrived in Karachi today to hold meetings with all major stakeholders including the MQM, ANP and senior law enforcers.

The Rangers have been given shoot-at-sight orders, but it has not been specified what activities the potential targets will have to be involved in. Armed men have been seen patrolling near the entry and exit points of Orangi and Qasbah Colony. Traders in the areas have decided not to open their shops and businesses today.

In the Senate, the MQM staged a walkout against target killings and in protest of suggestions to bring in the army.

Meanwhile Interior Minister Rehman Malik, in a joint press conference with Sindh Home Minister Zulfikar Mirza said that the federal government fully endorses the decisions made by the Sindh government, while Mirza said that interrogation of all those arrested will start tomorrow.


Shani Syed | 11 years ago | Reply The media covered the whole story of a single mpa being murdered...how about covering the killings of hundreds of innocent citizen who are poor peoplenot belonging to any group or party just earning meagerly to make ends meet in the city of lights oops black out be it the innocent sabzi wala, the murghi wala, the poor old man your local roti wala, bus driver, conductor the chowkidar, all killed on the streets for no reason and those who are still in torture imprisoned as there homes are amidst katti pahari from where stray bullets are showered upon them from both sides, whose children are crying with hunger and illness and they cant make it out oftheir homes as bullets awaits them... 100 men for a single person... the score aint settled yet is it?? who knows you or I may be the next victim and some body else will be commenting the same way... shame on us, as a nation we are a failure, instead of helping the ones drowning in floods we are drowning the city in our brother's blood
Sultan Ahmed. | 11 years ago | Reply It was expected not sudden.
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