Channa Suchi Muchi set to release

Ali Usman April 07, 2010

KARACHI: While most Pakistani film directors are reluctant to make new movies, director and producer Ijaz Bajwa has taken a risk and is producing one of the most expensive Punjabi films ever made in Pakistan’s history.

Channa Suchi Muchi stars Babar Ali, Moammar Rana, Saima and Hina Shaheen, and is set to release on April 16, in 17 cities in Pakistan. The film was produced and directed by Bajwa and has cost more than Rs50m to make. Work began on the film in 2005.

Bajwa revealed details of the film to The Express Tribune. “The movie is set in a post-1947 era, and although I have touched upon Partition the film does not revolve around this theme.” He said that “It is essentially a love triangle where the lead actor Saima, plays a Hindu girl named Pooja, and Pooja’s fiance, Soriya, is acted by Babar Ali. Moammar Rana plays the part of an educated young man who falls in love with Pooja. The story moves forward as the relationships between these characters develop.”

“Many Pakistanis have a certain opinion about Partition and it is difficult to appease everyone with my point of view. I have tried my best to make the set as real as possible and now it is up to the audience to evaluate my effort,” Bajwa said.

When asked about the technical aspects of the movie, Bajwa said. “The entire post production process was done in India. People are saying that I am taking a big risk in releasing this film but I am hopeful as I believe that people want to see good Pakistani movies and they will appreciate my efforts.”

Bajwa has also managed to break the often-cited theory that a Pakistani film in Punjabi would not be picked up for screening by upscale cinemas such as DHA Cinema and Cine Gold in Lahore. But all key cinemas in Lahore as well as cinemas in other cities have approached Bajwa to screen Channa Sachi Muchi.“Pakistani audiences want healthy entertainment.

If Indian movies can do well in Pakistan then why cannot Pakistani movies do the same? I have taken a step forward in this direction and am confident that I will receive positive feedback,” he said.

Bajwa earlier told The Express Tribune that initially he had prepared eight prints of the movie but after the positive response by cinemas, he had increased this number to 14. “I plan to release my movie abroad as well. Initially I intend to release it in the US, Canada and Australia where there is a market for Punjabi films,” he said. All the actors who have worked in the movie including Babar Ali, Moammar Rana and Saima have very high hopes for the film and believe that the movie can become a milestone in the revival of Pakistani cinema


dani | 13 years ago | Reply i really happy when i heard hina shaheen jee perform in that she is very freestyle artist please use her on right way
raza | 13 years ago | Reply Wow Saima looks beautiful.
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