Teacher assault case: Former PPP MPA sent on one-day physical remand

Published: March 14, 2012
Madhyana denies knowing schoolteacher, says Sharif brothers trying to take political revenge from him.PHOTO: FILE

Madhyana denies knowing schoolteacher, says Sharif brothers trying to take political revenge from him.PHOTO: FILE

SARGODHA: An anti-terrorism court in Sargodha sent Former Pakistan Peoples Party MPA Aslam Madhyana, involved in a case against him for torturing a school teacher and breaking both his legs, on a one-day physical remand on Wednesday.

Madhyana appeared before the court amid tightened security.

According to the police, Madhyana and his accomplices attacked 60-year-old school teacher Nafees Ahmad Khan in Sargodha.

Before appearing before the court, Madhyana spoke to the media at Chohang police station in Lahore. He said that he does not know the teacher and alleged that Nawaz and Shahbaz Sharif were trying to take “political revenge” from him by getting him involved in the case.

The Sargodha police, after arresting Madhyana had transferred him to a jail in his native village Mudh Ranjha.

His son, MPA Owais Aslam Madhyana, while defending his father, swore by a copy of the Holy Quran in his hands and said that his father was “innocent” and he was being involved in the case as a result of a conspiracy against him.

Back in Sargodha, Owais said that his father was not present at the time of the assault and that his only “crime” is that he is a party loyalist.

Madhyana was granted interim bail by the Lahore High Court  on March 5 and on Tuesday his lawyer asked the court for confirmation of the bail which was rejected by the LHC.

The Supreme Court has also taken suo motu notice of the incident and had sought a report from all four provincial chief secretaries about steps taken to protect civil servants. They have been asked to file the report by March 28.

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Reader Comments (2)

  • Minority Issues
    Mar 14, 2012 - 11:17PM

    Just by saying:
    “It’s a conspiracy”, “I was not present at the crime scene” or
    All the charges “against me” in a dozen other crimes is a “scheme” is SIMPLY NOT ENOUGH SIR!
    Lets see Mr. Madhyana, what the Qazi & Jury decides!


  • Tasneem A Siddiqui
    Mar 15, 2012 - 1:17AM

    Shut up both Madhyana ( Father and Son ) This is the habbit of all so called parlimentarians and politicans, that once they will torture any one, and than they will call this is propaganda against them by ABC or XYZ. This is not new. Latest example is the statement of Raja Riaz ( PPP ) , who is defending Waheeda Shah, by saying that she is widow, and was in state of grief, secondly, she didn’t slap presiding officer, she just pushed her by her left hand. In favor oh his statement, he also added that slap is always hit by right hand,whereas that was her left hand. Come to me Raja Riaz,i can practically show you the demo., that how to slap by using left hand on your face.


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