As Mehrangate is heard, PPP, PML-N trade barbs

Awan calls on Shahbaz Sharif to appear before SC, Roedad Khan be made respondent; PML-N say PPP rewarded Asad Durrani.

Abdul Manan March 10, 2012

LAHORE: As the Mehran Bank case unearths new truths with every proceeding, members of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) and the Pakistan Muslim-Nawaz (PML-N), accusations of dishonesty and of sabotaging the other have begun to fly.

Shahbaz should appear before SC, make Roedad Khan respondent

Information Minister Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan on Saturday demanded that the ‘champions of democracy’ should clear their position before the public and appear before the court over the Mehran Bank scam. She alleged that the Punjab Chief Minister Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz Leader Shahbaz Sharif was the biggest recipient among them, and ought to appear before the apex court.

Awan, while inaugurating the Build Pakistan Exhibition 2012 at Expo Center Lahore, criticised all those who were against the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP). She said that the Asghar Khan case in Supreme Court had exposed all those working against the PPP and even those who often are part of any petition in the Supreme Court against them.

She said that Sharif, who had criticised President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari, should refrain from this practise, instead should appear before the court since he received hefty amounts in this scam as well as to malign and rig elections against the PPP.

She said that Supreme Court which has exposed the names of those, who looted money from banks have used it against PPP government, should also be punished as those who utilised public money for their fame.

The Information Minister also mentioned Roedad Khan, the former in charge of political cell, and requested the Supreme Court to make him a respondent in the Mehrangate scandal. She said that Khan had pressurised former Mehran Bank chief Younis Habib to open fake cases against President Asif Ali Zardari and conspired to add his name in other fabricated cases.

Sharif brothers will appear before SC, if called: Sanaullah

On the other hand, Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah Khan said that the Sharif brothers will appear before the court if they were called. Sanaullah, while talking to the media at Sihala said that it has not yet become clear who has given the cash and who has received the money.

He reiterated that PML-N wanted early general elections in the country.

PML-N exposed Mehrangate: Pervaiz Rashid

Leader of Pakistan Muslim League-N and Special Assistant to Chief Minister Punjab, Senator Pervaiz Rashid dismissed allegations levelled by the proponents of Mehran Bank Scam against President PML-N Nawaz Sharif and Chief Minister Punjab Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif. He said that these allegations were being repeated by those who did not have any proof, and had a long history of political differences with Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif.

Earlier Senator Pervaiz Rashid, in an official handout, stated that newspapers of 1996 were witness to the fact that it was the PML-N to first expose the Mehran Bank Scam and provided media documentary proof on these characters. He said that Nawaz and Shahbaz Sharif had taken journalist of Pakistan to the barren Razi Farm of former president Farooq Leghari in DG Khan, where in the garb of President Mehran Bank, had paid crores of rupees to the leadership of Peoples Party. He said that all record were available in newspapers, and those making allegations must examine this record.

Rashid added that exposing Mehran Bank Scam is a clear proof of clean politics of Muslim League-N. He revealed that the enmity between retired General Asad Durani with Nawaz Sharif and the General's sympathy with PPP is also part of record. General Asad Durrani had been made an ambassador in Germany during PPP regime. He alleged that it was Asad Durani who had started the process of levelling allegations against Nawaz Sharif during his diplomatic tenure.

Rashid said that the matter was sub-judice and advised against mudslinging. Rather, wait till all facts are exposed. He warned against showing haste in drawing concocted and baseless conclusions.


Syed Habib-ur-Rehman | 9 years ago | Reply

One thing is clear and 100% proved that money was distributed among politicians to gather them on the platform of IJI. Also, don't forget that Nawaz Sharif was the leader of IJI and he eventually became prime minister too. This shows that he was the most beloved politician of establishment at that time and he was having all the support (money, blackmailing people, threatening people etc.) from establishment. This fact can not be denied any more.

Abid Mengal | 9 years ago | Reply

Two sides of same coin. I think these folks are shameless but it is time for the public to realize and shun them. They have given bad name to democracy. You can't expect more from them. They are good at loot, plunder, corruption and mismanagement. It is time to see how long the public will bear them and keep them in power. Vote with care for the next five years.............Jaag Pakistan

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