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Published: March 9, 2012



Bebo and her ballistic belly

Sometimes all media needs to go completely ballistic is a celebrity casually stroking her belly or covering it up with a shawl and then they — poof — bam — label them, “Preggers”. No one cares if all they did was OD the entire weekend on potato chips, which explains the monstrous mountain of a bump, or that they were trying to calm a rumbling tummy by stroking it. Because, when it comes to publications, pregnant and celebrity in a sentence sells more than Viagra.

Same was the case with Bollywood queen Kareena Kapoor, who dared to make all the above mentioned mistakes last month. But the question is: what if, what’s causing Bebo’s junk in the trunk is actually a little Agent Vinod in hiding? Gasp! Horror! That would definitely explain Saif Ali Khan’s and Kapoor’s reported shot gun engagement that took place a month back.

Simon Cowell desires Britney Spears

After callously dumping judges Nicole Scherzinger and Paula Abdul due to low ratings, Simon Cowell is trying to resurrect the train wreck of a show by bringing out the big guns. And who can hit the ratings more than the “Hit Me Baby One More Time” singer Britney Spears. But as much as people would like to believe, Spears doesn’t come easy. After being offered $10 million, which is still less than what Jennifer Lopez is making (a reported cool $12 million) at rival show “American Idol”, Spears rejected the offer and asked for much more. After what he did to Paula and Nicole, we’d advise Spears to stay away from the show.

Edie Britt — less desperate, more angry

Actor Nicollette Sheridan who played the husband stealing hottie Edie Britt on “Desperate Housewives”, claims she got a loud whack AKA, zor ka chamaat, by creator Marc Cherry. But the creator claims, it was “merely a tap” as part of a directorial exercise. (That’s exactly what Chris Brown must’ve said when he beat up Rihanna.)

However, the strangest part of all this drama was Sheridan’s defense lawyer Mark Baute’s statement about the case: “This is a man hitting a woman in the head — hard — without her consent.” Wow, we really need to meet women who actually give permission for battery.

Who’s scoring Houston’s hard-earned cash?

People talk about you more when you’re dead rather than when you’re alive. But this ugly truth couldn’t be truer for anyone more than Houston who, after years of being forgotten by the media, came back from the dead (pun intended) when she passed away. Recently, her will was opened up and it revealed that her daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown, as the rightful owner of all of the diva’s royalties and moolah. However, who was snubbed, trashed and deleted from the will? Her brother and ex-husband, bad boy Bobby Brown. But, here’s the problem, if Bobbi Kristina passes away then Houston’s assets will be split among her ex-husband and several relatives…

With additional information from Hindustan Times, E!online and TMZ

Published in The Express Tribune, March 10th, 2012.

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