Veena Malik's 'holi' moment

In an unexpected but colourful surprise, Veena Malik played Holi for the first time in India.

Express March 08, 2012

In an unexpected but colourful surprise, Pakistani actor and model Veena Malik played Holi for the first time in India with Aanand Balraj and Kishore Bhanushali for Daal me kuch kaala hai at B R Studios in Juhu.

The actor was on her way to the studios for a scheduled dubbing for her first Bollywood film when director Aanand Balraj splashed Veena with colour in celebration of the religious festival. Veena and Aanand were joined by Kishore Bhanushali and writer Vijay Akela who dashed out of the studio to join in.

The enthused actor, who said this was her first time playing Holi in India, danced to her song Madam Malai and Bombay with Kishore Bhanushali and Aanand Balraj. She also told media "We played Holi with natural colours which is eco friendly and which is good for the face and body...Aanand got the gulaal made by natural herbs."

Veena is in Juhu for her debut film Daal me kuch kaala Hai which is releasing in May 2012.


FayeXa | 10 years ago | Reply

She does not even deserved to be called Pakistani or even Muslim..She is purely a Hindu now.alot more to come...this is nothing

Hisham Wyne | 10 years ago | Reply


You, sir, are insane. I can't imagine that in Pakistan, a country that has been at the very apex of Google searches for sex for quite some time now, you'd believe that this is pornographic. Indianzied vulgar Pakistanis? Really now? Subjugating women in the name of your utterly ridiculous dogma is hardly chastity, you silly little Talibanized ideologue. Troll.

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