'Forced conversion': Hindu community demands release of 'kidnapped' girl

The enraged community said that they won’t stop protesting till she is handed back to her parents.

Sarfaraz Memon/rabia Ali March 04, 2012

KARACHI: Dozens of Hindus took out a rally and staged demonstration outside the press club in Pannu Aqil on Sunday against the alleged kidnapping and forceful conversion of Rinkle Kumari who was named Faryal.

Faryal and Naveed Ahmed Shah fell in love, eloped  and went to Daharki to Mian Mohammad Aslam of Bharchoondi Sharif. However, nineteen-year-old Faryal’s father, Nand Lal, had told the Mirpur Mathelo police that she was kidnapped by Shah, who lived in Sufi Mohallah.

Mian Mohammad Aslam, the son of Pakistan Peoples Party MNA Mian Abdul Haq had said that the couple had visited him on Friday and the girl had expressed her desire to convert to Islam and marry Shah. Aslam informed the girl’s father and asked him to meet his daughter to confirm her wishes.

The couple was taken to the Dargah Aalia Qadria Bharchoondi Sharif where she had embraced Islam. Pir Mian Abdul Hayee alias Mian Shaman had solemnised the nikkah.

Mirpur Mathelo DSP Syed Abbas Shah was informed about the marriage.

Faryal’s uncle had admitted that the family was informed by Aslam about her wishes to convert to Islam but he remained adamant that she was under pressure to say so.

The protestors today, led by writers SG Bhagia and Raj Kumar Lakhwani, took to the streets from Bhelar Road and while shouting slogans against the government gathered outside the press club.

Talking to the journalists, the leaders strongly condemned what they declared an act of kidnapping and forceful conversion of Kumari, daughter of Nand Lal.

They said, “We are a peaceful community and do not have a tribal backing, therefore we are are considered to be soft targets.”

The protestors blamed that the Pirs of Bharchoondi Sharif pressurized the girl to convert to Islam and marry Shah. They said that even when she was produced in the court for recording her statement, dozens of armed men from Bharchoondi Sharif had gathered outside the courtroom, which according to them, was a pressure building tactic.

They said that hundreds of Hindu families have migrated to India, because of the crimes against them. They demanded of the government to provide protection to the hindu community to dispel the sense of deprivation and insecurity prevailing in the community.

Faryal's family protests outside Karachi Press Club 

Scores of Hindus came together at the Karachi Press Club to protest against the kidnapping and forced conversion of Faryal.

The family accused that Aslam had backed the forceful conversion of Kumari to Islam and marriage to Shah, a supporter of the MNA.

Wearing black armbands, the protestors – members of Hindu, Christian and Sikh communities – chanted slogans against the trend of forceful conversion of young girls.

Daya Ram, Kumari’s relative, said, “We want the girl to be produced in the court again. Earlier when the court took decision in her case, they did not allow her parents to be present there.”

He added, “The girl said that she wanted to go with her parents, but the court did not decide in her favour.”

They appealed the Supreme Court of Pakistan to take suo moto notice of this incident and demanded for a fair trial.

The enraged community said that they won’t stop protesting till she is handed back to her parents.


ssm | 12 years ago | Reply

To @PakPunjabi:

My dear brother go to the history and findout the history of pakistan... You will come to know that its not muslim country at all..all the places ruled by Hindu king. How the place became a muslim now..your forefather must be an hindu. The founder of pakistan is Mohammad Ali Jinah was from hindu rich family from Gujurat. I just would like to request my brothers in pakistan just do some research all the city name,places,state name comes from the hindu king like, sindh,rawalpindi came after hindu Raja pindi. Where all the hindu went..howmany temple you have now in pakistan. dont hate just try to talk to your parents about your forefather..

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i know mrs mangla sharma,she only come for photosession in the protests.this is right time to do sumthing for minorty other wise there is no option for them.....

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