Extension in DG ISI tenure would be a deal with government, says Nisar

Adds it would make a case for government’s indictment.

Web Desk March 02, 2012

ISLAMABAD: If the Pakistan Peoples Party-led government extends the contract of Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) chief Lt General Ahmad Shuja Pasha for a third term, then it would be considered as a “deal” with the government, said Leader of Opposition in the National Assembly Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan on Friday.

Speaking at a press conference in Islamabad, Nisar said a possible extension would also make a case for government’s indictment.

In a press conference earlier, Nisar had said there are a lot of competent generals who are capable of filling this post, “and I hope that the army itself will devise a strategy to replace Pasha.”

He added: “During Pasha’s service, Pakistan witnessed massive intelligence failures such as the raid in Abbottabad; the Mumbai tragedy; the attack on Mehran Base Karachi; the Memogate scandal and Nato air strike on the Salala check post. It was unfortunate that despite all this, Pasha claims that the Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani stopped him from resigning his post, which is strange for us.”

The Opposition Leader had earlier in a press conference on Thursday said that other, competent Generals, ought to be given a chance to run the agency.


Aamir | 12 years ago | Reply

I have been following up on many things in Pakistan. This issuce being one of them. Army is a government's department adn governments can do whatever they want to with it. It is nothing where political leaders, specially the ones NOT in government or having any influence should have any say. Mr.Nisar IS a confused person and is against the intelligence chief because he has nothing else to talk about or hold a press conference about. As for the Silala incident, its common sense that it just happened all of a sudden. If people think that ISI chief should have known that it would happen, then its stupid of them. After all he is human and not GOD. As for other generals, there are other posts and the Pakistani Army is capable enough to manage them according to their potentials. If the parliamentarians are allowed 5 years then why not other important posts like COAS and DG ISI? Both thumbs up and good prayers and wishes for this brave son of the soil. May he remain there for another 5 years.

JSM | 12 years ago | Reply

Is Pasha going or not?

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